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Genius Camp started with a small group that wanted to fill a gap in children’s education. Genius Camp is a collective of expert engineers who aim to bring a wholesome and holistic educational experience to kids and tee more...
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It is well known that areas like applied engineering, renewable energy, automation, robotics, AI, coding, aerospace, science and other important subjects like these are not covered by the traditional education system. Wh more...
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Normally, when camps are done, they are done. For the most part, acquired knowledge is also forgotten. That’s why we made sure children always have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge with take-home materials. F more...


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    Build Confidence

    Our programs are designed in such a way that each day starts with a new project and ends with an achievement. These achievements help campers feel they can do it! Having finished projects in hand builds a world of confid more...
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    Top Notch Educational Material

    We test and choose the very best educational materials in each camp. Our class ratio is as low as one ‘Engineer-Teacher’ for every 8 students, to make sure campers get the best educational quality. We also offer adv more...
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    Discover The Genius Within

    We focus on each learner and, through a variety of techniques and programs, help them uncover and develop their true talents, while awakening the genius inside. more...
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    Your Brain Needs This

    Practicing new and incrementally challenging activities is a good bet for building and maintaining cognitive skills. We offer camps that are specifically designed to teach technical knowledge as well as essential soft-sk more...


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