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10 Best Computer Games for Kids

10 Best Computer Games for Kids

Are you looking for the best computer games for your children? Here is a list of the best computer games for kids!
Playing is and will be fun for children. You ask why? That’s clear! Children don’t just play. Kids learn, make memories, and live. Nowadays, many children prefer playing with a computer to playing with their toys, and the reason is here! With the advancement of technology, the level of games has become more advanced & allows children to experience more things such as farming, hairdressing, and even space travel! Therefore, We are going to list the best computer games for kids in this article.

Let’s take a look and get gaming!


Best Computer Games for Kids - Minecraft

In another article named “Greatness In Gameplay And Education” we have greatly discussed why Minecraft should be number game in your list if you care for your child. And that is why it the If your child is creative and likes graphic images, Minecraft games are the best choice. Discovering new habitats, walking through sparkling diamonds, and visiting grand castles are all found in this game. What is the purpose of Minecraft is usually recommended for ages eight and up because it is overly violent or even complicated to learn how to use it. In fact, for many children, it was one of their first online video game experiences.

Known as a sandbox game, Minecraft provides complete creative freedom to your kid. The entire Minecraft world is made up entirely of 1×1 3D blocks.Certainly, Minecraft is one of the best computer games for kids

Deponia; creative in adventures

If your child loves adventure, download the unique Deponia game for him right now. Deponia is a multi-part adventure game developed by Daedalic Entertainment. The game Deponia is a mysterious world that’s designed artistically with very fantastic and imaginary images. Unlike other games, these scenes don’t want to make themselves appear as real as possible, which will make you amazed by the art of its designers. Amazing scenes and exciting adventures have made Deponia one of the best computer games for kids.

Forza Horizon 3; best choice for driving

Forza Horizon 3; best choice for driving
best computer games for kids

It is one of the best computer games for kids, especially boys! Even though your kids aren’t old enough to drive yet, they’ll feel that they’re behind the wheel with Forza Horizon 3. This hyper-realistic driving game boasts vivid graphics and invites kids to race in an open Australian environment.

In this game, children don’t just play. They learn to customize everything from the character of their driver to their car and even the sound of their cars! This Forza Horizon 3 game gives kids control of everything. They will be able to choose their favorite car, among 350 cars of Ford vans Tesla Ferraris & Mercedes Benz. Kids can even choose their music collection and play with their friends online as they get used to the game’s unique driving style, while environmental obstacles such as jump hazard signs, motor posts, and drift zones keep them at bay. It invites an exciting racing experience.

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief

Another one of the best computer games for kids, especially for adventurous guys is The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief. It is an exciting crime adventure game in three parts, designed and made by the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales series, this game, which is full of twists and turns, immerses your kid in two-story directions that thrill the chase of novels. It combines a cop with the risk and reward of a heist story.

The first part is in 1960 in Paris, Europe is in the grip of a thief lord named Raven, His robberies are fascinating and spectacular and, they always end up without damage. Part 2 takes place in London in 1964. An antique ruby, one of the eyes of the Abulhole statue is stolen from the British Museum. There is a crow’s wing at the crime scene, Is anyone trying to follow Raven’s path? Once again, the legend has returned to the case.

At the same time, the phone rings in Zurich, security officer Anton Jakob Zellner looks up from behind a mountain of files and doesn’t even know what’s in the bank vault just a few hundred meters away from him.

MudRunner; is one of the best computer games for kids!

If your child can pass this game, you should be proud of him: MudRunner: The best computer game for training children’s patience. This realistic, highly detailed game uses several vehicles with an advanced physics system, and players must experience the first-time operation of 19 all-terrain vehicles.

In this game, every move will lead to a result. Kids need to be very thoughtful and careful when pressing the accelerator button on bumpy terrain and sharp turns. The rich sandbox environment of this game is full of environmental hazards such as raging rivers and pits, which forces players not to be hard and win patiently. It’s up to your child (and their friends in the multiplayer game) to meet the game’s dangerous objectives and raise their patience threshold unlike any other game on this list of computer games.

Rocket League

Another one of the best computer games for kids is Rocket League. Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 is a new action, sports, and racing game that was developed by Psyonix in 2019 and released for the computer platform. At first, we should have a basic idea of the genre of this game; Have you ever played a computer game that is both action and sports? This combination seems somewhat unbelievable, but it is possible in Rocket League. Rocket League is a new physics-based game where powerful cars are playing football.

But this football is not like your current idea of this sports game. There is no limit to winning against the opposing team; Since your cars have special features, you can use various war tools to destroy your opponents.


Adapted from games such as Banjo Kazooie, this game is very attractive for both children and parents. This adventure game takes place in a friendly and colorful environment in a large 3D game field, whose members are memorable characters. Also, its relaxing and funny game techniques allow children to progress at their own pace.
Yuuka Lilly is a 2-player adventure game where players take on the role of a chameleon and a bat and have to work together and coordinate their special skills.

The main objectives of the game are particularly focused on finding and collecting collectibles and power-ups, which create many of the abilities of the main characters to further the story. The game allows kids to explore by providing a peaceful environment, softened by a soundtrack composed by experienced composers who have worked on Banjo Kazoo and Donkey Kong Country. Yooka-Laylee is one of the best Computer games for kids.


It is a business simulation game that requires your kid to build and manage parks. This game has been able to revive the memory of successful titles in its style and use new facilities and new content at the top of its affairs. Parkitect game can be considered a work in management style, simulation, and sandbox developed and published by Texel Raptor studio. This game has received very high scores from critics and its average score is about 9 out of 10.
Your kids have to build an amusement park that will impress the guests and put whatever they like in their park.

Change the shape of the happy trains, put a water feature in the park and create different structures. A huge range of objects is at your disposal so that your kid can design his or her theme park the way she wants. They can use roller coasters in the park. The design of the roller coaster, such as the turns, rotation frequency, movement time, height, etc., is all in their hands. In the Parkitect game, more than seventy different models of the world’s popular parks have been simulated.

Little Big Planet 3;

In addition to Minecraft, Little Big Planet 3 is another game that will help boost your child’s creativity and this is another one of the best computer games for kids. In one other article named “Gaming And Game Design All In 1 Awesome Program!” we have thoroughly discussed how one such game can be beneficial for your child. In the story section, we see new events and a new storyline that, although it does not contain anything special, surprising or so different, thanks to some interesting and sometimes funny moments, can at least put a smile on your face.

Don’t forget that the story has never been very important in the world of Little Big Planet, and maybe focusing on the story would take the game away from its main goal. Nevertheless, it must be said that the creators have tried to give more importance to the story of the game in this version. The reason that all secondary characters also have voice acting is to pay more attention to the story. Every stage of the story of the game is designed to be extremely suitable, eye-catching, and attractive. This issue makes it less useful to convey the sense of repetition to the audience during the 6-hour game.

MotoGP 22

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable experiences in a person’s life. Moving objects attract us from the very first days of our lives, and this is why many are drawn to motorcycle racing. The most prestigious motorcycling competition is also the MotoGP world competition, which is held every year along different tracks around the world and draws many people to the audience platforms. Milestone S.r.l Studio has been making simulators of these races for years and now in the latest version of this game, it has celebrated the start of a new league with the MotoGP 22 game.

One of the most interesting parts of this series is Career Mode, which has received a lot of attention. Your kid can join professional teams and compete against other teams and riders in real 2022 races and bring excitement to screens and TVs.

This time the coach will give your kids a series of instructions and they will need to apply them to win. Everything is ready to walk the championship path on rainy and beautiful tracks. One of the new parts of this game is to change the power of the motorcycle during the season, and by upgrading the engine and brakes, distract other opponents. The biggest change of the game, however, belongs to the graphics part of the game, where we see many changes regarding the sky, as well as the weather and lighting of the game. This time, if you get hit, you will see the accident scene by scene with wonderful graphics.

MotoGP 20

Also, the MotoGP 20 game has allowed you to race alongside motorcycling greats like Mick Doohan and see their motorcycling style with the latest details and beautiful views of the racetracks. If the artificial intelligence of the game does not challenge you much, in the online part of the game, many servers are ready for your competition and you can compete with other Moto G Chi lovers. The placement of official 2020 competitions has given a special look to this game, and of course, all Moto 2 and Moto 3 leagues are also designed with all teams.

On the other hand, the new track located in Finland will kill you and your beautiful motorcycle, and until you step on this track, you don’t know how much fun the cold can be. Perhaps these features have made it one of the best Computer games for kids!

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