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Coding Courses for Teens

Coding Courses for Teens

The cool thing about starting something new at a young age is that if you are a youngster, anything you start earlier than later on is most likely to enable you to receive optimal time to practice and also perfect whatever it is you’re diving into. However, if you’re a teenager and now beginning that very same thing, and are probably a couple of years “behind” where a child would be, you still have plenty of reasons to get going. This means that you do not have to purposely wait just to pursue a new passion for the sake of waiting. If a teen has to chase a passion but does not get that opportunity until a later age, he or she still has so many advantages and benefits to enjoy upon waiting.

Age usually comes with experience. For children, coding might seem exceptionally intangible, but teens usually have a great deal of understanding and experience with coding, websites, apps, and video games. It is quite simpler for teens to understand all there is to such relevant skills than children. In addition to that, teens who wish to study coding are usually more conveniently able to enter into and hit the ground running head-on. This stems from being able to examine, study, and suggest opportunities to parents instead of needing to depend on the parents to get the chance and also present it to the youngster; or being able to follow pals that have begun coding already by themselves. For these reasons, if you have a teen who is thinking about coding or has an interest in it, the time is now. Also, they are in the right and perfect position to start learning what coding is, develop the necessary skills and abilities, and then directly putting those skills and abilities into motion or practice.

Why Should Teens Be Interested In Learning To Code?

Coding Courses for Teens

There are so many reasons why teens must learn coding. Some of these reasons can immediately pay off, and others hold their worth for the long-term.

To fill a space

School is valuable and needed in everyone’s life. However, the majority of schools also have not come to the point of offering computer science courses. Sadly, coding is no longer a “wonderful to have”. It has been left as a selective ability for only the very dedicated to chase as well as learn by themselves. It’s now something that is perhaps extra crucial to a versatile education, because ideally, “education” is available to get students ready for success in the real world. So, all teens must head out to learn to code since the chance to do so is not most likely to come to them in the conventional school setting.

To get an upper hand

When teens step out in search of or pursue something that is not available to a lot of their peers, they have higher a probability of standing out when compared to the others. And also among the most crucial moments or times that this comparison is done is when it comes to college applications.

Meaning any extracurricular activity is likely going to boost a college application since it shows a student is taking the initiative to undertake more, as well as to develop alternative abilities and skills. But furthermore, teens who have coding skills, in particular, are thought of as logic-based problem solvers, or resilient and relentless challenge-takers whose course cannot be pushed off easily by hurdles, bugs or difficulties. The advantages only increase from there. People who usually seek to be problem solvers are typically forced to interact as well as work with others, and afterward get the ability to lead as well as teach when tasks are mastered, and so forth.

To secure a lucrative career

First, the opportunity approaches, after that comes college, and then obviously, the final objective- a well-paying paying career which is enjoyable and also has an obvious impact on the general public. Coding can significantly be that occupation! While it depends on the programmer to decide whether or not coding is, in fact, pleasurable and also something they like doing, there is no denying that a profession rooted in coding is a financially rewarding one (the computer science major is among the highest possible paying college courses readily available), and is something that is required and also used throughout our everyday lives across the world.

Interestingly, there are a variety of coding languages that are made use of in order to make every one of these points a reality.

Coding Languages For Teens To Consider

Coding for Kids


An excellent novice language, teenagers can use Python to get their suggestions up and running relatively swiftly, considering that Python requires fewer lines of code than other languages. Python is utilized by Disney, Google, other large brands, and also can be made use of to develop computer games, internet frameworks, and numeric computing jobs. Python is likewise versatile enough for use in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and also cybersecurity.

Newbies can expect to get started with creating and developing something like a two-dimensional game, console application, cybersecurity program, and/or text-based video game.


Teens with an interest in web development and also wish to produce or create front-end applications ought to take into consideration JavaScript. It is popular, as well as native to a lot of web browsers, making it an extremely pertinent and in-demand language in the context of creating an interactive web application.

The truth is that PayPal, Netflix, and several other web products that are recognizable lean on JavaScript and specifically the Node.js runtime environment.


Though Java might easily be confused with JavaScript, both languages use very different strategies and offer many different approaches, and they are used to complete a range of distinct tasks. Teens who wish to create Android applications and are also familiar with it will certainly have to learn Java. Also note that the language is fantastic for teens who want to go into Minecraft modding, and those who are interested in creating game engines and large backend environments.


Teens should consider diving into C# coding if augmented truth is really of interest. By incorporating Unity (the industry-standard game development engine) and C# coding, teenagers learn to make use of next-level imaging and sending a tech to create their very own mobile games. Also, note that augmented reality is a co-operative experience where digital objects are put in real-world surroundings in real-time.


This is a functional multipurpose programming language that if a person becomes conversant with it, will certainly open the door to a true understanding of exactly how programs work as well as facilitate problem-solving. Most teens may be familiar with C++ since the language is used in creating computer applications. Therefore, C++ language is a time-intensive as well as a complex language, however, needed for teens who are curious and interested in game programming.

Hands-On Coding Tools For Teenagers

With something brand-new and also relatively complex like coding, it will be helpful for teens to familiarize themselves with the “toys” and tools at their disposal, so as to make coding and coding creations extra tangible.

The micro:bit

Micro:bit is one small programmable computer that is officially called the microcontroller development board. This microcontroller development board allows users to create incredible developments and inventions. Along with creating and developing standard programs, teens can also make use of the device to solve real-world problems and develop games.

Sphero RVR

The Sphero RVR gives teens the chance to delve into autonomous robotics (which describes robots that can be configured or programmed to carry out tasks by themselves). The Sphero RVR is extremely adjustable, customizable, and has lots of built-in sensing units, a professional-level control system, and also an effective motor that is paired with all-terrain treads.

ProtoType HARP

This device is a retreat space-style hardware game you need to “hack” to solve utilizing critical thinking skills as well as cryptography. (HARP stands for Hardware Alternate Reality Puzzle).


An Arduino is a microcontroller that is ideal for prototyping. It is most popular amongst teens who are interested in creating new electronic gadgets and integrate sensors for anything like an autonomous robot that recognizes and also navigates its environment.


VEX is a very interesting and popular robotics platform created for teens to build a wide-ranging variety of robots. Its characteristics include sensing units, which gather info and details for the robot, and also motors, which permit users to produce moving parts, like claw arms and also wheels.


This is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Also, you can consider it as a notepad in which programs are written.


This is a google-developed library that makes it less complicated to create, develop and train neural networks and machine learning models.

Note that Machine learning enables computer systems to learn and advance with time and practice over a period of time.


Teens can use IntelliJ to start writing and running Java codes, which also is an integrated development environment.

Coding For Teens Has Become Important For Different Reasons

Coding Courses for Teens

There are different reason coding for teens lessons have become important. There are both long-term and short-term benefits and some include

To fill a gap

Many schools stress on education kids, but some too have not come around on the computer science bit of courses. However, coding is fast advancing in other places. Coding is no longer for those who are a reserve few or the dedicated. It is now crucial for coding to be introduced to teens. It prepares them for the best success in the real-world. Coding for teens is now not reliant on the traditional school session but something that they have to take upon their own as an opportunity. Learning coding will fill in the gaps that schools are not able to provide for kids in coding.

To stay a step ahead

When teens become committed to coding and step out to do something that their peers are not doing, they stand out. Extracurricular skills come into play even in college applications. A student who has taken time to gain extra skills will be the one a step ahead of their friends. Teens in coding lessons become great problem solvers and can think through logic-based problems. They are the ones not easily put off by the hurdles. They are able to become distinct from their friends in so many ways when they learn to code.

They can secure a lucrative career

In the learning process of coding, teens will be preparing themselves for even what they will study in college and beyond including their earnings. Doing computer science has been found to be one of the highest paying majors in college. Coding for teens means you will be setting them on the stage for world-class careers and becoming top earners.

Soft skills are learned

They can learn persistence, and endurance even when it is frustrating and complex as they learn how to code. It also makes them good at communication, leadership, and collaboration. These critical skills are needed for any role that they will play in the future.

  • Computer coding for kids means they will be introduced to using their skills in different areas, therefore, expanding their learning.

Computer Coding For Kids Lessons Are Best Learnt By Joining An Online Group

Some organizations offer online lessons for kids to be able to have computer coding. They dwell on kids’ curiosity to enable them to learn to code. Creators of these online groups use Java and also Minecraft (the kids’ favorite coding game). Your kids will therefore meet other kids who are on the same path of learning with them. They are able to ask important questions and learn the fundamentals of coding. These online groups have devised effective methods in teaching Java as an introduction to kids in coding. Coding interlaced with kids’ natural love for Minecraft provides motivation in conditional, loops, variables, Booleans, and other methods which are found in almost all the coding languages. These online groups provide support and the needed information for kids to be able to involve themselves. They will introduce you to 2D game development and also app developments. They introduce them to Node.js and JavaScript which run some of the famous platforms where people enjoy services like Paypal, Netflix, LinkedIn, Medium, and Uber.

focus on hands-on learning in March Break

Computer Coding For Kids: Some Important Tips To Consider Before You Start

Tip #1: Make it entertaining

Make the coding for kids fun! Young kids seeing the strict form of learning code can be dissuaded from learning to code. It is quite easy to get kids involved when the lessons are fun and interesting. Venturing into programming keeps them engaged and challenging. The process doesn’t have to be academic or mundane so that they will not be disconnected but rather engaged. The focus should be on fun and game resources that can teach them how to code. Computer coding for kids is meant to spark life in them and make them curious and passionate. Listen to their interests and find the lessons that will be suited for them.

Tip#2: Find a tutor near you

It is said that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had a coding tutor from middle school. However, for the masses, they may not be able to afford private computer, science tutors. Tutors will assess whether to put you in a group or go online. These coding tutors will determine which kinds of tutoring should go in for training your child and what individual attention is needed. Tutors will find the best lessons that will train you in Variables and more.

Visual Studio

When it comes to IDEs, Microsoft’s integrated development environment is Visual Studio. Visual Studio can be used by teens for computer program development which allows them to create mobile apps, as well as web and websites.


MicroPython is learning and also efficient application of the Python 3 programming language as explained on It includes a little section of the Python standard library and is enhanced to run on constrained environments as well as in microcontrollers.

For example, in a robotics summer camp, MicroPython is made use of Arduino to control the camera of the self-driving and autonomous robot, as well as send out info based upon the readings on the camera to instruct commands in the Arduino programming language.

Examples Of Coding Projects

a common piece of advice we often receive when starting something new is to “take one step at a time” or “go step by step,” “look before you leap,” walk before you run,” and many more. It is all real, and also excellent advice. But it doesn’t mean you cannot look in advance or above you at the same time. An excellent time to do so is when trying to figure out a goal. Why coding? What does your child wish to perform with it? What can they accomplish with it? Where will coding lead them to in the future?

So, below are a few instance projects that integrate a lot of what has currently been clarified with the tools and languages above.

Combining micro:bit and Javascript for instance can make teens learn how to program games and play them with friends or on their own.

Speaking of video games, any type of game player recognizes with the well-known side-scroller, made prominent by titles like Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros, and others. As well as just how concerning the countless runner? Sonic Dashboard, as well as Super Mario Run, are other new examples that are made prominent as mobile applications. With 2D jump physics, Java, and so much more, teens will be able to make their own side-scrolling endless jogger! Moving gears to augmented reality, AR is a co-operative experience where digital objects are put in a practical environment in real-time. Lately, Augmented Reality technology has actually increased because of games and applications that have made it a lot more accessible to all persons.

Teens who are interested in creating their very own AR games with C# can seek ideas and inspiration from the massively-popular Pokémon Go. Other AR application instances consist of Snapchat’s filters, as well as visualization experiences such as IKEA’s Place application, which permits consumers to practically position furnishings they are considering in their houses (or, within/on top of pictures of their residences) to see how it looks. How about building a game with machine learning? It’s a lot more fun experimenting with Google, and one important thing you may come across is a drawing game in which a neural network predicts what you are drawing. It’s rather outstanding exactly how precise the guesses are, even when you’re awful at drawing.

When it comes to VEX C++ (that’s the robotics coding language) and VEX Coding Studio, teens can wire and customize a robot base, and after putting it through mazes and user-piloted obstacle course challenges, or object-moving and stacking activities, and many more.

Coding Games for Kids

The Time To Code For Teens Is Now

Something cannot be called a cliché if it is precise, that’s a guideline. So, seriously, if teenagers are determined to learn or discover all there is to coding, give them that opportunity today! If they dive into it today, it will enable them to reap optimum benefits from all that coding offers. And also there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that the possibilities to learn how to code aren’t simply going to fall into everyone’s lap. Teens who go to school, close, and off to the baseball field to play, and then back to the house each and every single day might never be exposed to a coding opportunity.

Fortunately, though chances abound, they need to be actively searched for. Maybe the solution is a long week coding camp in the summer or an on-line coding program over the weekend. You can also get the sphere rolling by watching a YouTube tutorial or downloading and installing a coding application to practice and learn.

Coding Courses To Get Your Teens Started: In-Person Coding Courses And Programs For Teens

  • Roblox coding classes
  • Coding camps
  • Cybersecurity and Encryption
  • Code Apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Advanced Minecraft Modding with Java
  • Hackathon: Team-Based App Creation with Unity

Online learning

  • Online coding classes from iD Tech
  • Experiments with Google
  • Made with Code by Google

 Coding Blogs & Organizations

  • Coding terms
  • org
  • Best coding for kids
  • Best coding apps for teens
  • What is coding?
  • Is coding a good career?
  • Is coding for me?

Coding Tools & Toys

  • Sphero RVR
  • Micro:bit
  • VEX
  • Arduino
  • ProtoType HARP

It is very easy to imagine a youngster learning coding and being stuck in front of the computer for the rest of his or her life. Nevertheless, that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, the experience gained from coding can open up lots of chances as well as make your child more marketable when they begin to apply for scholarships, awards, and even jobs. There are lots of books, websites, and paid coding apps, for all children to learn how to code. In our digital era, there are a lot more ways for teens to learn coding.

Coding additionally allows your youngster to creatively express himself or herself. If your teen has an idea of a game, he or she has to make it happen. Does your teen have a concept for a website? Give them the opportunity to create it! There are limitless possibilities when it comes to coding and also there are FREE sites, applications, and also activities readily available to children of every age.

Some Top Five Sites Coding For Teens Lessons Can Take Place

Every Teen Needs to Learn Coding

Coding is a vital skill nowadays, and not just for web programmers. Whether you’re building an individual website, putting together a specialist portfolio, developing a blog, or adding up to an on-line magazine, knowing even the basics of coding can go a long way. Naturally, if you’ve ever attempted to discover exactly how to code or actually taken lots of training courses over the years, you will know that it can be an aggravating and frustrating process. Coding courses for teens can make the education procedure much less daunting, allowing them to move at their own speed, look for assistance when you require it and repeat lessons as needed till you have a genuine understanding of exactly how and why your code is working the way it does.

Range of Courses Offered

One of the most important points to consider when opting for a coding program is how many courses are offered as well as the number of subjects covered. Some coding courses include straight CSS, HTML, and also other Web technologies, while others provide classes in advanced languages like C++ and also Python, computer game development and mobile application, as well as dealing with APIs. In terms of the sheer number of courses, paid courses usually have the side over cost-free ones. Yet a huge library can also be frustrating, so starting with a smaller, more-focused program is additionally a great alternative.

The program format deserves paying attention to too. All you truly need to code is a functional text editor, and a lot of these programs include those. Depending on the style you understand, you might appreciate the more-polished video tutorials that are offered.

The Ease of Getting Started

If you are a beginner, you need a program that is very easy to dive into as well as keep up with as the product becomes much more intricate. Actually, that’s something perfect for students at any level. You’ll also need support to keep you going. A lot of these services use badges or various other incentives when you hit milestones, and also reveal your progress on your dashboard. The best solutions provide quizzes and difficulties so you can check your abilities. Examining isn’t just for beginners– even skilled developers desire feedback on exactly how they are doing. Newer programs also seek to treat development as a game, fulfilling trainees with shiny badges as they level up their skills. You won’t find these features in all programs, however.

Nevertheless, if you are serious about pursuing coding as a profession, at some point you’ll require to ditch the very easy things as well as handle some more tough products. Think about switching over to a paid program to proceed with your coding education and learning. On the other hand, Free Coding Camps will certainly aid you to take the understanding you’ve discovered as well as use it to aid a real-life not-for-profit company. Coding for teens improves their creativity and gets them prepared for their future careers. Give them a head start Now.

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