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Children who learn how to code really love it! When you are 11 years old and can see the code you created work exactly as you intend it’s an absolutely cool feeling. There’s no doubt technology and the computer has been a big part of our lives in recent years. Technology has made day-to-day activities in our lives easier and we are surrounded wherever we turn by some form of computer technology.

At an early stage, parents aren’t sure what their child whether their child will choose to work in computer science once they are old enough to decide however they are satisfied with the fact that that their kids know the importance of technology and how it works. It is therefore helpful for kids to learn how to code because it teaches them how to develop important thinking as well as learning skills that can be applied even in the real world far beyond the reach of their keyboards.

Coding for kids can be made to be very simple. When kids are learning to code, they learn to use simplified visual learning programming tools which will allow them to build computer programs with pre-made blocks of codes created that can be formed or fixed together to form a very simple sequence of instructions.

Kids normally advance on to learning how to write computer codes with text-based programming languages that make use of words, abbreviations, numbers as well as symbols that come together to form instructions.

Kids can start learning coding by applying the principles of coding without even touching their computers. These types of coding games are designed for kids to provide them with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals in order for your children to develop the sequence of logical thinking that can help your child begin to learn how to code using a computer.

Kids also need to learn how computers work to help them understand how to code. This is known as computational thinking. Computational thinking is simply the logical thought process that goes into solving problems that involve the ability of a child to spot troubleshooting problems and also fix them. Computers are simple machines that only work as well as the commands issued by their user. If a program’s instruction is inaccurate, the program won’t work as it intended to.

Computer coding for kids teaches your children how to find solutions to problems that usually involve the logical sequence of multiple steps and actions. Computer coding for kids helps the child develop complex problem-solving skills such as understanding trials and errors as well as their causes and effects, analytical thinking, reasoning skills, and also computer language skills. Computer coding for kids also challenges your child how to think creatively and also become innovative with his or her ideas and come up with solutions for the problems they confront on their own.

Computer coding for kids is considered to be very fun and children love the ability they have to use their brains to solve computer problems and bring their creations to life by simply writing lines of codes and scripts. Parents prefer their kids spending screen time being creative and innovative as well as solving problems instead of just passive entertainment.

Kids as young as 8 to 16 years are able to build basically anything they can imagine or dream of using coding through easy activities packs designed for them by expert computer coders as great support systems to guide the kids. Computer coding for kids lets kids learn programming at their very own pace.

Your child can be set up for a lifetime of success by teaching them how to code at a very young age. Even if your child decides in the future not to code, he or she has an edge in virtually every modern industry they find themselves in.

Computer coding for kids uses kid centric projects which are tested and proven to keep children engaged and teaches children skills that will keep them. Coding can also be gamified for younger children.

Computer programmers or coders make an average salary of $103,560 every year as demands keep increasing by 24% each year from 2016 to 2027. This is a much faster rate than the average occupation not in the field of STEM.

Computer code is a very important element. Every electronic device we use is programmed with computer code and also relies on computer code. Too many peopling coding might seem complicated but when it’s broken down into several steps it’s actually quite simple.

Computer programmers are people that write computer codes. They can also be called coders or developers. Computer programmers or coders use computers to create websites, computer or phone applications, and also video games.

There are hundreds of computer programming languages that might seem like a confusing concept however, all these programming and languages collectively do the same thing. Whenever you issue a command on your computer, the compiler transforms your command into a language that the computer can understand, and then the computer responds to the command. This process is known as executing.

Coding is simply the process of using program language to issue various commands using a computer. A full document of coding is referred to as a script. However, every line of a code issues a command to a computer. Computers do exactly what you tell them to, unlike people. However, there’s a downside to this. Once a command is issued on a computer, it doesn’t stop until you issue a command to tell it to stop. For example, when you tell a computer to start counting upwards and don’t issue a command to tell it when to stop, it’ll literally count forever.

A computer script is purposely designed to carry out a job. This might be to take an image and change the size of the image or its format. Another task might be to play a particular sound or music. A computer script is what allows you to be able to click like on someone’s post on your Instagram. They respond to simple commands issued by the computer user. Being a computer programmer is simply about knowing how to tell a computer what to do or how to act.

Coding for Kids

What is a Computer Program or Code?

Computer scripts can only do what is required of them after they have been compiled and then executed by their user. This is useful for a coder however when a coder is done, he or she would want individuals who aren’t programmers to be able to use their script. Computer scripts are turned into programs by coders.

When a coder is satisfied with a script, he or she compiles it into a computer program. The process of compiling commands changes the computer code a programming language into a machine code that the computer can understand. The machine code is then stored in a computer program that people can simply download and use for whatever task they are designed for. Every kind of computer or phone application, computer or phone games, and websites are computer programs.

Coding for Kids isn’t Complicated

Coding can be a very simple process with the right set of skills and knowledge. Anyone can learn the fundamentals or basics. The best analogy of this process is to think of computer coding as books in a library. Some books in a library use simple words or languages and this makes the stories in the book very easy to understand however, certain books use very complicated or complex words and the stories in the book sometimes seem to make no sense. Therefore, however complicated or simple it’s hard to read, they are all books. The more books you read, the better you get. The more you keep at it, languages that seemed complicated or confusing in the past get easier and easier to understand until one day, you can easily read the things that seemed very complicated in the past.

Learning how to code is similar to this analogy. In the beginning stages, coding might seem very difficult however each time you keep at it the better you get at computer coding. Using visual coding could also be an alternative when you find learning a programming language complicated. You can even create your very own super Mario game without having to type any computer code at all.

In recent years, coding has exploded emerging from just being used in creating computer games and occasional electronic devices into something which has come to shape the way we live in our society today. Every tech device or gadget contains a piece of computer code. Coding jobs have been on the rise in recent years as the demand for coding grows. This means that now is the perfect time to learn how to code for beginners.

Why Children Must Learn Python

Why You Should Learn How To Code

Coding is an exciting field in STEM-related programs that presents a world of opportunities for individuals who have the passion to learn. Compared to skills you have to acquire to get other jobs, coding isn’t as hard.

In just a matter of weeks, the average person can start writing computer codes by simply learning the basics. In a few months, of consistent hard work and focus, you can become very fluent and a highly skilled coder and write more advanced computer codes.

Coding makes it possible for individuals to create various computer software, as well as applications and also websites. Writing codes is writing a precise set of instructions, commands, and rules that the computer or any form of the device can understand.

Computer codes tell exactly what you want your computer or device to do at any moment at all. Computers need to know exactly how to react to various things being it the mouse click or a push of a button from the keyboard and the output product happens is as a result of lines of code written by a human programmer.

The computer does not know what to do in any given situation, it has to be taught everything. So one can think of a computer programmer as the person that tells a computer what to do.

In other to understand that communication it is necessary to go back to the basics where the first computer program was invented in 1801 by Joseph Joecart. He developed a system of instructions for the use of cardboards and pins as a reference.

Eventually, transistors were invented to replace punch cards used by Joseph as a way of transferring data and information but nowadays computers have billions of those transistors in them but still carrying that same basic idea as before as a way of carrying data.

As a way of harnessing these various combinations of transistors we use codes, computer programmers use different languages whether python for gaming or java for desktop applications. Computer programmers adhere and follow those rules which are eventually transferred into something the computer can understand.

These binaries are meaningless on their own but when combined are able to issue commands to a computer to perform certain tasks or functions, billions of these ones and zeros are able to give us the Microsoft word that we use or even iTunes.

A tool called the compiler is used to translate these codes into binary or machine language by an assembler making it easier for the computer or device to understand and for the desired function to be executed along with other commands using the computer.

Take into consideration the analogy of a master chef preparing his best meal for a customer, he writes down the list of ingredients and procedures in the preparation of the male, the same can be said of a computer programmer. Just like the chef a computer programmer also takes into consideration what he would need and applies his skills in executing what is expected of him.

Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Coding for Kids

  • Coding is very fun. Imagine having the skills and the ability to create an entire website from scratch, being able to create a function video game, and also to be able to program data analysis packages. Having the skills to code will let your child do all of this and more in a very fun and engaging way.
  • Coding will give your child a very valuable skill for the future. Children who learn how to code at an early age will be able to learn the necessary skills which will enable them to pursue future careers as coders or computer programmers.
  • Children who learn how to code will be provided with job security. Coders and computer programmers in recent years have been in high demand by most giant tech companies and small businesses which leads to the high availability in the field of STEM.

Coding for Kids and Robots

Everyone, especially Kids can’t dispute the fact that robots are cool. Some believe robots are going to rule the world someday. Hopefully, they will take over the world on a more positive note and not as depicted in most sci-fi movies. Computer coding for kids teaches kids the basic concepts of engineering and the required skills to write computer codes or programs. Kids learn how to write codes for robots they build and they update the code when they have to which makes the robot advanced each time it is upgraded or tweaked.

Robots can be defined as complex machines that are able to perform most human tasks, robots work when a computer programmer or a coder programs it by writing a series of commands that tells in what to do. A common misconception is that robot programmers or coders are the same as robot operators. They each require a separate set of skills.

The most used type of robotic coding taught to kids is the teaching pendant method. Over 90% of robots are programmed using this technique. The modern form of teach pendants uses touch screen computers or tablets to program the robot. The robot is moved from one point to another with the touch of a button on the computer tablet. When the program has been mastered by the robot, it can operate on its own at top speed.

Teach pendant is a very effective method of coding for kids because most programmers are familiar with this for robotics programming. Also, the robot can be programmed using various coordinates as well as world and robotic coordination systems. Teach pendants are also taught to kids that show interest in coding because it is great for simple movements or tasks such as using drawing a straight line over a flat surface area.

Another method of coding is offline or simulation coding which is usually used in robotics to make sure that advanced algorithms are operating accurately before they are moved into a real robot. This is used in most industries to reduce downtime and also promote efficiency. Simulation coding packages are usually straightforward to use.

The robotic operating system (ROS) is a popular software used for coding for kids. Using a robotic operating system involves a coding language like Python. Kids should have advanced knowledge in computer programming or coding before downloading the robot operating system (ROS). There are also online courses for Computer coding for kids to learn all about the robot operating system (ROS). With consistency and hard work, kids can master the skill of coding.

Coding for Kids Teach Children about the Types of Robots

Coding for Kids

*Preprogrammed robots. Preprogrammed robots are created to perform simple or monotonous tasks in a more controlled environment. Preprogrammed robots are given commands by human programmers to perform complex or repetitive tasks without constant supervision by a human. The mechanical arm in an automotive assembly line is an example of a preprogrammed robot. Most giant automobile car companies such as Tesla Motors and General Motors (GM) use preprogrammed robots to speed up production. The automotive industry uses preprogrammed robots to assemble cars to produce efficiently and effectively. The robotic arm serves only simple functions like welding parts of a car also to insert certain parts into the engine and so much more. The main purpose of this robot is simply to perform tasks faster, effectively, and efficiently than a human mechanic.

*Humanoid Robots. Humanoid robots are robots that are built to have distinct human traits and therefore make them look more human than the average robots that are built to perform certain tasks. Humanoid robots are also programmed with computers to mimic the behavior of humans. The popular robot known as Sophia is an example of an advanced form of humanoid. Sophia is an internet sensation known by most people worldwide and is seen as an advanced form of the robot and can perform certain complex tasks it has been programmed for. Some of these tasks include drawing detailed images, as well as expressing some human emotions and also walk.

*Autonomous Robots. Autonomous robots are the type of robots that operate completely independently of humans. These types of robots are fully automated with their specific tasks and don’t need constant supervision by human operators. Autonomous robots are highly effective and are used in many companies and warehouses to stock shelves as well as lift heavy objects from point A to point B and assist human workers.

*Teleoperated Robots. Mechanical robots are typically robots controlled and operated by humans. These types of robots are designed to work in extreme or harsh weather conditions and geographical conditions. Examples of teleoperated robots are human-controlled submarines that are used to fix pipe leaks underwater, recover wreckages from sunk ships or large submarines, and also drones used to detect landmines on the battlefield.

*Augmenting Robots. Augmenting robots are designed and used to improve on the current human capabilities or replace the capabilities not available to a human. Augmenting robots help restores abilities humans lost and help makes life less stressful for their user. Examples of augmenting robots are prosthetic limbs designed for people who lost an arm or legs in an accident

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