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Coding for Teens

The fact is: there were other things that kids used to entertain themselves and learn other than engaging themselves in any activity like coding. They run around with their friends, play video games, go swimming and many other leisurely activities. They spend time hanging out with their friends, and it is likely that in the past when you mentioned coding, they were not likely to oblige. They wondered why they should give up their time doing other things to be behind the pc with figures and numbers. It is in recent times that the buzz about coding has caught on with them. Patents and tutors have come to see the importance of adding this activity and prioritizing it important as others. The not-so-famous skill has gradually begun to become key to the learning process even before kids hit their teens. Coding for teen is becoming a big deal.

Coding For Teens Give Them A Good Experience

Coding for Teen

For teens, starting to learn concepts like coding has become an exciting new journey. Learning something new can be a bit daunting, but the sooner they start, the better it will get. Hence being a teen is the best time to immerse yourself in the world of computer science and learn valuable skills. Coding, otherwise known as programming, refers to the creation of instructions for a computer to use with programming languages. It is used to program apps, websites and other technologies used in everyday life. Teens are beginning to pay attention to the world of technology, where they have heard the use of “coding” and “programming.” Kids can get vital skills and learn to understand the use of code.

They learn how to communicate with the machines just like humans will use different languages. They will learn the skill of communicating with computers effortlessly. Computers run on code and are found everywhere. Therefore a teen who has involved themselves in some form of coding has put himself a step ahead. This means soon, if everyone, including teens, should learn coding, they will have the best jobs that will exist in future.

Coding For Teens: The Time Is Now

Promoting coding for teens is not cliché but an accurate statement. Many parents want their kids to learn how to code and the time is now. Letting them in on coding to start learning today will mean they will get the maximum benefits that come from learning code. Kids may never pick up coding naturally as they go about their daily lives. It will take a parent or tutor to introduce or expose them to coding opportunities. They can take these coding courses online over the weekend, during coding camps or even in the summer.

There are a lot of opportunities now for kids to download apps and use Youtube Videos, join online classes to help their kids advance in the coding field. The sooner they start, the better for them to get an opportunity to be fluent in the world of technology and engineering learning. There is no time to waste, now is the best time for teens 13+ to get in on all that coding is about.

How To Increase Interest In Coding For Teens

Teens can easily be reluctant to get into the arena of coding. That is understandable because if it does not include social media, gaming, sports or socializing, it will be a no-no for them. They will protest on the matter of why they would change spending time with their friends at the mall and sitting behind a computer for hours. Some parents have complained about the lost influence on their kids in their teen years. However, all is not lost; there are still different paths you can take them on to get the idea of coding for teens to become something interesting for them. You can do some of the following if you want to set them onto this path.

Take them to coding competitions.

Hackathons are not only to be attended by those who know how to code. Those who have no idea about coding can attend. You can show them the coding communities that exist in your locality. They will see kids their own age who have also learnt how to do awesome things. These kids are usually friendly and will let them in on what they are doing. It is one of the good steps to introduce them to the coding world. There are several hackathons organized by huge corporations, including Microsoft and also by different summer camp groups that will welcome newbies to join them and learn to code.

Get them to join coding clubs.

Coding clubs are one of the great ways to get some coding-positive influence into your kids. Getting them into competitions that come with coding clubs helps them build relationships with others and increase their interest in the field. The environment in coding for teen clubs is a fun and safe learning environment for kids to meet their peers and do great things with them. They make it easy to sign and offer mentorship to encourage and guide your kids through their coding journey.

Let them enrol on coding programs and camps.

At these coding camps scheduled mostly in the summer season, kids are exposed to more coding. They get the games, apps, tools that are able to bring their minds to thinking about starting their journey of code. They will be excited as they meet other kids able to more with code. These camps have comprehensive educational programs that are able to engage teens and keep them glued.

Choose the right coding program for them.

There are a lot of points from which kids can start coding. There are good coding programs that teens can be introduced to, but you would have to find the one that tickles their interest. Find the ones that are hands-on and will enable them to build something tangible and enable them to solve a problem. Languages like Java, CSS, SQL will allow them to work on their own projects. They can work in teams and also use 3D printing software to make prototypes. Their works will be published, and this will boost their confidence in the sense that they were able to create real-life projects. They will know that coding for teens was not such a bad idea, after all.

Coding For Teens Has Become Important For Different Reasons

Coding For Teens

There are different reason coding for teens lessons have become important. There are both long-term and short-term benefits, an some include

To fill a gap

Many schools stress on education kids, but some too have not come around on the computer science bit of courses. However, coding is fast advancing in other places. Coding is no longer for those who are a reserve few or the dedicated. It is now crucial for coding to be introduced to teens. It prepares them for the best success in the real world. Coding for teens is now not reliant on the traditional school session but something that they have to take upon their own as an opportunity. Learning coding will fill in the gaps that schools are not able to provide for kids in coding.

To stay a step ahead.

When teens become committed to coding and step out to do something that their peers are not doing, they stand out. Extracurricular skills come into play even in college applications. A student who has taken time to gain extra skills will be the one a step ahead of their friends. Teens in coding lessons become great problem solvers and can think through logic-based problems. They are the ones not easily put off by the hurdles. They are able to become distinct from their friends in so many ways when they learn coding.

They can secure a lucrative career.

In the learning process of coding, teens will be preparing themselves for even what they will study in college and beyond, including their earnings. Doing computer science has been found to be one of the highest paying majors in college. Coding for teens means you will be setting them on the stage for world-class careers and becoming top earners.

Soft skills are learnt.

They can learn persistence and endurance even when it is frustrating and complex as they learn how to code. It also makes them good at communication, leadership and collaboration. These critical skills are needed for any role that they will play in future.

They learn to solve problems.

Teens who learn to code are able to pick up the skill of problem-solving, which is a necessary trait for any task in life. They are able to, through computational thinking, break a problem into separate parts and find the solution that best fits. They are able to make good decisions based on different factors that are available to them based on their experiences in coding.

Some Coding Languages For Teens

Python is one of the best beginner languages that teens can get themselves up and running in the world of code. It uses a few lines of code as compared to other languages. Big brands such as Disney, Google make use of Python to create and develop video games. It can also be used by AI and cybersecurity. Teens beginning in Python can start with creating text-based games or a two-dimensional game.

JavaScript for teens can mean they learn about web development and create amazing things with JavaScript. Learning to code in JavaScript means you will be signing on for a popular and easy to use program on web browsers. It enables them to learn how to create an interactive web application. Big names like Paypal, Netflix use web products that use JavaScript.

Java can sometimes be confused with JavaScript, but these two are not the same. They are used for different things. Teens who learn with Java use them to create apps in Android. They can also be uses to create the engines of the games and controlling backend environments. Even making modifications in Minecraft as a way of learning code is done by learning the Java language.

C# is another coding language teens can learn. It deals in the area of augmented reality. Augmented reality is the interactive experience real-world environment is experienced with the placing of digital objects in them. Teens can use C# coding in game development.

PHP is also another language that teens can learn. It is a server-side language written in scripts frequently used in web development. It is also used by many e-commerce sites and content management systems, and WordPress sites.

C++ can help kids who want to code. It has been in existence since the times of the 1980’s. Some big names like Amazon, Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows, Adobe all rest on these programs. Coding for teens lessons in this area can include a task on building enterprise systems of video games.

Some Top Five Sites Coding For Teens Lessons Can Take Place

Coding For Teens

  • Vidcode is a famous award-winning platform for coding where the curriculum is built around what students like to do. The platform provides a coding curriculum for 3rd – 12th grade. The main focus is on design thinking, creative coding and other disciplines in the application. They use short tutorials and not too many technical terms. It is all fun for students learning to code.
  • Alice can also be used in coding for teens. It is a desktop app that was developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Alice teaches the fundamentals of coding to teens in a 3d setting. While they learn, they can code with the projects and have a view of it. They learn programming concepts by creating animated movies and video games. They can showcase their work on the internet. It basically runs on Java.
  • App inventor is a cloud-based tool created by MIT. It works like the coding app Scratch. You engage in coding by dragging and dropping coding blocks. App Inventor, however has additional perks like giving the student all the resources for them to create Android apps. These apps can be built in the web browser.
  • Codecademy makes an interactive online tool teaching coding for teens. They learn the fundamentals of PHP, JQuery, PHP, Python, JavaScript and others. It is displayed on a split-screen for kids to see the changes they are making and how it is appearing makes it easy for students to interact.
  • Khan academy, like Codecademy, uses online tools to teach teens coding. You learn the foundation of JavaScript and processing. Teens are then introduced to coding with the creation of games, animation and drawing with programming. They also learn to make web pages using CSS and HTML.

Coding Kits Are Also Used In Coding For Teens Lessons

Teens use a lot of coding kits in building and creating code on their journey. These kits essentially expose them to the actual coding and also sometimes teach them fundamental and critical thinking skills. They can use the likes of

Bitsbox – this is a subscription that teens the principles of computer science in the areas of operators, parameters, functions, coordinates. The monthly box comes with hands-on projects at a price depending on what you can pay for.

NaCoDrone Pro Kitme – This is a kit for teenagers who are interested in programming and flight. It is a kit that comes with all you need. It comes with a drone and a controller that powers it. Kids are able to learn the basics of programming like variables, loops, conditionals through tutorials online. It makes learning coding for teens exciting. They are taken through the concepts of the drone up to the point of lift-off and more.

Kano Computer Kit – The kano computer guides kits in making mini-computers. When they are able to do this, they use the device to build games with Python and JavaScript with music and code art. They can also join online communities and collaborate or compete with other users.

Piper Computer Kit – Teens learn to build a computer and code on it for use to play games like Minecraft. They can explore different games with it and increase their technical expertise.

Classes Online Can Also Be Organized In Teaching Coding For Teens

Sometimes, finding a good class that can coordinate the interest of your teens and fit comfortably in their school schedule. However, there are some onsite classes recommended to help your teen successfully learn their coding lessons. Some of the helpful places for them to learn code are:

  • CodeWizardHQ – It gives teens coding classes on different days and at various times. They make it easy for your child to find a class that fits their schedules. The child can log in to the class at a choice of theirs and start their learning with a live instructor.
  • Code Avengers Jr – Gives teens are a number of opportunities to join online courses. They can learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript. They can also find courses that emphasize web development and designs. Kids get tuition from very qualified educators. They will give your child good lessons that align with their school’s standards.
  • Code School – This is a platform that gives video tutorials for kids to support their journey in learning code. They create learning paths for kids learning along either iOS or Android paths. Kids can then use this site after they have taken up subjects in coding or computer science.
  • Udacity – This online resource offers a wide variety of courses. You would only have to search for the ones that fit your coding needs. The search can be by category and other parameters. Some of their courses are free, but for others, you will have to pay something in a month or annually.
  • Youth Digital – is aimed at providing coding classes for kids in design and animation. Teens with no background in coding or computer science can have access to these courses. This can, however, come with some form of subscription.

Coding For Teens Means To Them Doing Something Real

For most teens, when they hear of coding, the first question they ask is, “can we hack phones?” can we hack your machine teacher?” “can we create games?” These are all questions that will point to the fact that they want to engage with something real and not just theories about long winding problems that are mixed up. They want to see, they want to experience, and they want to touch, but above all, they want to be able to say that “see what I made out of this.” It gives them that feeling of satisfaction.

They want to be able to use the resources you give them to do interesting real-life projects. They will like to be part of building a weather station that is able to detect the air pressure and temperature of a surrounding area and sending it to a cloud database, for example. It will teach them different steps to take to make this happen with practical examples. That is what coding for teen groups that they join will mean to them. Hands-on and real projects are all they want.

Coding For Teens Is Fun & Educational

Teaching teens coding is both fun and educational experience. They learn how to teach each other and pick each other up. Tutors are able to put themselves in the shoes of their students and learn to think and understand with them through the coding process. Teens also collaborate among themselves in surging forward. They become critical thinkers and enjoy the process of creating new things in the different programming languages that they explore. The programmes are 100% beginner-friendly, there are different learning packages available for kids. They can learn from the comfort of their home at their own pace. All this is needed is an enthusiastic teen who is interested in delving into the world of code and learning all they can. They will no longer have to wonder to themselves, “how does coding work?” Coding will help them know that they can build websites, apps and other technologies that people can interact with.

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