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Coding Games for Kids

Coding games has become a very important skill in recent years. Coding games have been made easy for kids by designing animated coding games that make it very easy for children of all ages to learn how to code. Kids choose the drag and drop command blocks designed by expert coders or computer programmers for children of all ages to find it very easy to learn the fundamentals of coding while playing games. Kids as young as 7 years will be able to develop the skill to code video games.

Coding games have been made easy for kids

Coding games for kids engage the child in many ways that are fun and entertaining so that the child can believe coding is for them. Coding games for kids also inspires most conventional educational institutions to create more world class computer science programs. Kids use Python as well as Java Script all the while playing games at various stages the enables them to use trial and error, critical thinking and reasoning and their creativity and imagination.

Kids apply their various coding skills to develop their very own video games as well as websites. Coding has various stages as well as a curriculum that makes it possible for kids of all ages to learn how to code by using JavaScript or python which are two of the most popular computer programming languages used by coders around the world.

All You Need to Know About Coding and Computer Programming

Coding Games for Kids

In recent years, there has been a craze for learning how to code by many individuals. This is as a result of the high demand for coders by most giant tech companies and also individual startup companies who pay their employees substantial amounts of money to work for them and the salary keeps increasing as there’s a demand for more and more coders. However, what is coding? A simple explanation is; coding is what makes it possible for individuals or programmers to create every computer software, phone application and also websites. Your browser, computer and phone operating system and also applications on your phone or computer are entirely created by writing a bunch of code and telling your computer what to do. Having knowledge in coding will empower you to do many things you’d never thought was possible in the field of STEM, programming and technology. And will also give you the required skills an unfair advantage over others since coders have been in high demand in recent years hence you will have more job options. You can also work as a freelance coder for most startup companies and earn whatever salary you like and also work at your desired tie or wherever in the world you want. The possibilities are endless with your skills in coding

Coding at a young age for kids at an early age can be a huge advantage for them. STEM summer camps all over the country teach children of all ages how to write computer codes and also build their own robots. The lessons become intense and more as they grow and their minds develop. STEM camp locations are built with the state of the art technology and also provide every child interested in coding with the right programs to enable them to reach their full potential in the world of science and technology. These children learn to network with other like-minded kids in the field of coding and sometimes for lifelong friendships.

Among the things you can do with the knowledge of coding is, creating your very own website entirely from scratch, having a professional career in the field of computer programming and also, starting your very own technology business (freelance coder). Most importantly, you’ll have a whole new perspective on technology and how it helps shapes the world we live in today. It’s amazing how the entire world has changed since the 90s when the World Wide Web was first introduced (1991). Ever since this period, the internet has been embraced by the entire human race and has taken over the lives of everyone and it only seems to be getting stronger as the years pass.

A question asked most of the time is who knows where the internet will take us in the near future? There’s even a possibility that in the next 10 to 20 years, most individuals will get to own their very own website whether for personal purposes or for their businesses where people, as well as companies, can better present themselves and what they do to the world for a much more global reach. One thing is for sure is that Websites are very valuable these days and almost every successful business sees the importance of owning their very own websites. Business owners are advised to have a very strong web presence to enable them to boost the reputation of the business online to reach an even greater audience globally. Also, you might simply want a personal blog or a business portfolio in order to market your set of skills to prospective clients or employers. A computer programmer is one of the most underrated professions. However, the high demand for coders far exceeds the supply.

 Therefore finding jobs in this field shouldn’t be much of a problem. The coding profession is projected to grow at a rate of 40% between the year 2010 and 2020. This is two times as fast as most other jobs that exist. The world is basically crying for the services of more coders. As a result of the low supply of coders, the salary for coders is very attractive. This is a result of the concept of demand and supply.

If you’re an individual or an entrepreneur looking to create the next Facebook but don’t have the capital, or even how to start why not learn how to code by yourself and build the product by yourself from scratch. Many entrepreneurs are creating businesses with no knowledge in the field of coding and have gone to build their very own software businesses by outsourcing coders to do the job.

In recent times, coding runs the world and is seen in everything we do online however, a lot of people don’t even know about its existence.


Coding Games for Kids

The Importance of Learning How to coding

*Knowledge and skills in coding can increase your chance to earn passive income from freelance jobs.

Highly trained freelance coders and computer programmers can charge high hourly rates for their services. Many coders get paid more than 100$ an hour to render a service. The fact that there aren’t a lot of coders out there means that people will pay a ridiculous amount of money for your services especially if you master your craft. This is why kids need to learn how to start coding at a young age by attending STEM camp locations during summer breaks.

*Another advantage of being a coder is the ability to work for yourself. A huge percent of individuals choose to work as freelancers in the technological field. As a freelance coder, you will have the ability to choose and pick who you’d like to work with, how you want to work and also, you get to decide the time you like to work. There is so much work out there for coders and you will be able to find jobs suited to your ability. Freelance coders have the advantage of working wherever in the world they want and become digital nomads.

*As a coder, you can work on your very own project. If you are an entrepreneur, then learning how to code can be a huge asset that can result in you developing the next big app or website. Being able to come up with your very own ideas and executing them is a dream that can come to fruition when you put in the work to learn how to code. 


Fun Coding games That Help Your Kids Learn How to Code in No Time

Coding Games for Kids

Coding can be a very fun activity for most people once they know what they are doing. This is why coding games have been designed especially for kids to have fun as well as learn faster and retain more information to hands-on practice and experience over time. The following are some coding games for kids to teach your child the fundamentals of coding to enable them to become experts in no time.


Robocode is a complex programming game that involves robot tanks that fight each other. Your child’s job will be to write artificial intelligence (AI) that controls your robot to win by using real computer languages like Java, Scala and many more. Robocode installer comes with a developmental environment, built-in robot editor and also a Java compiler. Your child is actually writing real code using this. Robocode coding game for kids was designed in the early 2000s yet it has been updated and maintained throughout the years and has helped by the very fact that it is open-sourced and super addictive in a fun and educational way.


Codingame is a game like web app coding game for kids which is built for problem solving puzzles and challenges your child by writing codes. Codingames has over 26 programming languages that include Java, Phyton, c#, Java Script, Lau, Go, rust and many more. Each stage, puzzle or level has its very own theme.


Codecombat is also another coding game for kids which web-based and includes game-like puzzles as well as fun and engaging challenges that can be solved by only writing codes. Codigame is very entertaining and has a significant educational bent that parents can use for their children to learn how to code. This includes computer science, web development and also game development.


Codewars is a coding game for kids that is gamified for kids to practice coding as well as solving algorithmic tasks. Your child gets points for successfully completing a series of challenges as well as puzzles and earn point values that are determined by how efficient the child’s interactions and solutions are. Codewars allows kids to interact with other kids on the platform and watch solutions they summit and can also take inspiration and learn from them. Codewars is one of the best ways your child can learn how to code.

*Vim Adventures

Vim Adventures is a fun and exciting coding game for kids to learn how to get better at coding. Vim adventure is quite complicated and has a huge learning curve and it comes with a tutorial which makes it more suitable for older kids. Vim adventures can help young children become more efficient coders.


TIS-100 is a coding game for kids like no other. It pushes your child to learn as well as use mock versions of low level assembly coding to solve tasks or puzzles. However, TIS-100 is quite challenging and it’s recommended for older kids.

*Shenzhen I/O

The developers of TIS-100 also created Shenzen I/O as a coding game for kids. Shenzen I/O is a puzzle filled game where kids are given challenges and tasks to create simple circuits and writing simplified which run on the circuit. Unlike TIS-100, Shenzen I/Ois much more simplified and enjoyable and educative at the same time.

*Human Resource Machine.

Human resource machine is a coding game for kids where kids get the chance to play an office worker who completes tasks by completing different activities and combining various instructions together. Human resource machine is mainly about problem solving through visual programming and also touch concepts or subjects like the logical flow and memory management and is presented in easy to digest formats and using an office theme or setting. This is an awesome game used to exercise and stimulate the brains of kids and it’s super entertaining in an awesome way.

*Scripted creeps (Screeps)

Scripted creeps (Screeps) is a coding game for kids that uses MMO strategy where the child uses Java script program to code the multiple behaviors or in game entities or characters as the kid builds an empire for themselves. The Scripted creeps (Screeps) base comes with a private server where your child can play on his or her own without parental supervision and with thirty days of full access to the official server. After that the child can keep playing on the official games server in a more limited capacity, which can be lifted with a monthly fee or subscription.

Video game development is one of the most creative as well as satisfying pursuits for everyone who loves to play video games. These days’ video games are developed from scratch with little or zero knowledge in computer programming or coding. However, the first step in becoming a great game developer is to assess your skills as well as your ability and then identify your strength and channel it into being innovative in your very own unique way.

Your strengths could be categorized into three separate parts. These include; being either an artist and having the ability to bring your imagination to life, a designer or a computer programmer. It is very important to identify your unique individual skills set because it will help you determine where you can start and also equip you with the right tools as well as platforms you will need to bring your ideas to life.

For example, if you are a computer programmer, it will be best to start with a game engine. The popularity in the video game industry is at an all-time high. As video games become assessable to people all over the world, no matter that age or gender.


It is important to note that video game design is different from video game development. However, sometimes game design and video game development are used interchangeably by many people. Video Game development encompasses both the game design as well as the game development stage. Game design however focuses on the conceptual side of things which includes using the imagination to create. This means that, video game developers usually come up with the vision and blueprint for a video game. However, the mechanics, game characters, game levels as well as core concepts and aesthetics normally fall under the game design category which brings the imagination into reality.

Video Game development simply involves bringing creative ideas to life. Game developers start with the conceptual phase by brainstorming the theme and ideas they will like to bring to life and then take the game through the development phase until it becomes a reality and then it is shared with the world.

 The video game is played and enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. Giant video game developers like Play station also use this process to bring their groundbreaking games to their millions of fans around the world every year. The development aspect of gaming usually consists of coding, engineering, testing as well as rendering the game as well as all of its elements which include, audio or sound, game levels, game characters, and many more aspects which contribute to the completion of a video game.

A lot of work and time goes into the development of video games which means developers pay attention to every little detail and also leave no stones unturned in the developmental phase to be able to create a masterpiece. Coding games can also be for kids of all ages. Coding games for kids can be done in a fun exciting way that engages the child every step of the way. This helps the child identify his or her passion in the developmental stages of video games and also meet like-minded kids who share the same passion for coding games by networking at various video game development events across the country.

Robots and Coding In NASA

Coding Games for Kids

NASA also uses the services of computer programmers and coders to build robots that can be sent out of space and controlled from the earth. These state of the art robots and rovers are designed and programmed by the top experts in the field and have high success in the past years in their various missions in space. Robotic arms are used mostly out of space. The Canadarm is one of the robotic arms built on the body of a space shuttle. The international space station is known to have the biggest Canadarm build on its spacecraft. In space, the arm of the Canadarm is used to recover various objects out of space such as satellites debris as well as releasing items into spaces. Astronauts and coders at NASA are trained how to use and control the Canadarm to recover the Hubble Space Telescope out in space by also controlling the arm millions of miles while on earth. This is done to enable the fix of the components of the telescopes and other equipment out in space. The space shuttle as well as the space station work hand in hand to help build the space station. The robotic arm has the ability to move astronauts who decide to go on spacewalks while in space. The controllers used to control the Canadarm look like joysticks used to play video games and are written with highly advanced computer programs by highly skilled coders. This goes to prove how far your skill as a coder will take you and how important it is to introduce your children (boys and girls) to coding games for kids.

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