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Hands-on learning is key for Genius Camp

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Hands-on learning is key for Genius Camp

While we aren’t against classrooms here at Genius Camp, we’re definitely more focused on getting kids up on their feet than giving them lectures.

CEO Mo Amani started Genius Camp because he, as a mechanical engineer, realized university didn’t teach him all the skills he needed for the real world.

Hands-on learning is key for Genius Camp

“The big thing was I didn’t get the experience from school I needed to know everything at my work,” says Amani.

“That’s why at our camps, we focus on Artificial Intelligence, energy, and aerospace as ways of the future. We use experiments to bring concepts to life.”

Children won’t listen to our instructors drone on here. They will interact with our top-notch teachers in order to get the best experience possible.

“At Genius Camp, we focus on three things: safety, fun and education. We want our students to be enjoying themselves so much, they won’t even realize all the concepts they’re learning about,” said Amani.

“If they’re enjoying their time at Genius Camp, and they can take what we teach them home, we have done what we hoped.”

Hands-on learning is key for Genius Camp

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