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Improve In Video Games, 7 Things You Should Do

Improve In Video Games, 7 Things You Should Do

Video games have become an integral part of the life of the youth in the past years. If you are here, it is definitely because you want to win even more games or want to play on more extreme difficulties, in other words, you want to improve in video games!

The truth is that while games come in a large variety of genres and each game has its own unique gameplay and controls, the steps one must take to improve in any video game are pretty much the same. have you ever wondered why is it that some people just excel in any video game no matter the platform or the genre? Thye just seem to magically improve in video games like it is a god-given talent!

Well, the good news is that this is not the case! While having some basic experience with video games and skills in cognitive actions can be advantageous, the process is actually far simpler than you think!

Let’s jump in and we’ll see how that is.

#1 The First Step If You Want To Improve in Video Games

Improve In Video Games, 7 Things You Should Do

So there are countless drills and exercises out there for those who want to up their game. The number of resources is pretty much endless on the internet and if you still want to assure quality tutorials and coaching, there are countless individuals and companies that provide gameplay courses. For example, there are hundreds of paid courses out there for Fortnite. They will start from basic build tutorials and go all the way to advanced box fight training with 1-on-1 coaches and everything.

But how would you do it all by yourself? Well, that is what we are going to discuss further in this article but let’s put that on hold for a moment. The first step you need to take is to take a step back and think about how the pros actually think? How do they manage everything, practice their aim or hide in places you can never imagine? That is the first key if you want to improve in video games?

To compete with the pros you have to think like them. If you watch 100 gamers streaming the exact same game, you are most likely to hear the same comments and see similar strategies. This is proof that all the pros think and perform similarly and if you want to be among them, you must follow the same concepts. This is the very first step!

Another good idea is to start to learn the basics of game design. This will help you get an insight into how the developers foresaw what the winners and losers are going to be like. While this may not be the biggest game-changer technique, it certainly helps you improve in video games! In our article “A Brief Look At Game Design” we have discussed some basic grounds on how video games are created so make sure to check that one out as well by clicking here.

#2 Shift Your Focus On Yourself!

There are two aspects to this one.

Firstly, it is super easy to feel frustrated when you are just starting a game, especially if you are playing online with other players, which is often followed by losing match after match.

At this point, it is easy to lose control and start blaming what is out of your control like that noob player on your team that got you killed by blocking the way. It is definitely easy to blame them but how far does that help you improve? What you should do instead, is to learn from that lesson. Maybe it’s better to not follow them and take the lead instead? Or maybe you should keep a safe distance while following him so in case your team encounters the enemy, there is enough space for your to make a move or take cover.

On the other hand, focusing on what others are doing wrong, is only going to make your playtime bitter. Think about it, who wants to play with somebody who wants to correct others all the time? Besides, unless you are super pro which is highly unlikely if you are on this page, you will not be playing with the exact same team right? That is because not all of you would be online at the same time every time! So even if you correct your squadmates, who knows when will be the next time you guys can play together? So is it not just much better to focus on yourself?

#3 Maintain Your Ego

This one is also another key factor if you want to improve in video games. It is easy to lose control of your ego after a few wins. It is only human nature to feel superior and invisible when sees himself as the last man standing in a 100-player battle royal! But how real is that feeling though?

Well, the truth is this ego can become problematic and turn into a barrier for the one who wants to improve in video games. The first problem occurs when this pattern of winning is disrupted, meaning the individual when the individual takes a loss! This is where all hell breaks loose!

While ego boost self-confidence to the roof it can deteriorate it as quickly especially if you are looking to improve in video games. Let me explain. So you have been practicing and sharpening your skills to improve in video games right? And just when it feels like all the hard work is paying off, you take a couple of losses! What happens here is that your ego diverts your assumptions towards YOU not being good enough. The feeling of “God I should have won!” will start hunting you while the truth is that maybe the opposing team was simply better players?

Now, where do you think that puts you? Do you think this mindset will help you improve in any video games? The answer is a big NO!

One way to overcome this is to compliment the winners. For example, if you are playing Fortnite and someone beats you due to their superior building skills, try praising them verbally rather than cursing at yourself for your incompetence – which wasn’t even there by the way!

#4 Know When To Stop

Improve In Video Games, 7 Things You Should Do

Knowing when you need a break is probably among the top-5 things you should do to improve in video games. Some days are just not your day. You seem to be getting eliminated match after match. Once you start to feel this is putting you in a bad mode or is negatively influencing your mindset, you should put your controller aside and take a break!

It is not rocket science that practice makes perfect and why should it be any different if one is to improve in video games? But remember sometimes less is more!

It has been proven through numerous scientific studies that people tend to perform poorly when they are tired or have a bad feeling or mindset about what they are doing? Are angrily wondering why non of your shots hit the enemy? That’s probably why; you are tired and irritated and that is not going to help you to improve in video games even if it is Tetris!

To address this you must look for signs that indicate your performance is suddenly dropping. These can be aggressive playing, bad language in the open chat, sweating, pressing your tooth onto one another, and other similar actions. At this point, you probably have high blood pressure and low sugar levels. So if you are to improve in video games, take a break, have a snack, or maybe go out for a walk or even a workout. Think about your life purpose and why you are being so committed to the game you are playing. Having a bad day is not the end of the world but remaining in one will definitely block your chances to improve in video games!

Once you are back in a positive mindset with a big smile on your face and inspiration through your veins, it is time to head out and join your comrades. After all, it is only a game!

#5 Review Your Previous Matches

By taking a look at the previous games you will take advantage of two major benefits that help greatly to improve in video games. Keep in mind that you must review both won and lost matches all the same.

By taking a look at the matches you have lost, you will get to study your mistakes as well as the advantages your enemy had over you. Also, think about what was your biggest weakness in that game overall. Was it your aim accuracy? Or did you lose because you were not as familiar with the environment as your enemy?

Being able to analyze such information, even if you can’t remember much, is going to help you learn what you did wrong and avoid it in future matches which is a golden key if you want to improve in video games. Also learning the tricks of the enemy that got you killed will raise your awareness so you can prevent falling into the same trap twice.

The same pretty much applies to your winning games too. by taking a brief look at the entire match you can find out what gave you the upper hand so you can use that tactic more often while learning the main weaknesses of your enemy and use them to your advantage. This step alone has proven to bring in huge changes and help thousands instantly improve in video games.

You can record your games using simple apps or software. Consoles like PlayStation also offer real-time gameplay recording for this purpose.

#6 Don’t Forget Your Mental And Physical Health

I don’t want to be preaching here but it’s easy to get lost in the realms of video games and forget about your physical and mental health. Some people argue that when gaming you are only using your eyes, ears, brain, and hands; so why be fit?

The reason is simple: everything in the human body is synched with other things. It simply is not possible to play video games if you have a piercing backache let alone try to improve in video games. You need to get enough exercise to cover up all the time you are seated for playing. Hydration and proper nutrition is also another key factor that must not be missed. After all, it is much easier to have a big mac mid-game than make a properly balanced meal.

Make sure you stretch and take a short walk around the room every now and then to facilitate sufficient blood flow. Sometimes that’s all you need to see a massive jump in your performance when trying to improve in video games.

As for your mental health, try to maintain your stress levels and create awareness from within yourself about what you are really feeling. Missing out on a couple of matches is far more fruitful than suffering a mental breakdown. Do you think it is possible to improve video games with bad mental health? It is definitely not possible.

#7 Join A Community

Improve In Video Games, 7 Things You Should Do

joining a community of gamers in the game you play can have a huge impact if you are to improve in video games. by joining such communities you will not only find friends and new teammates, but you will also get the chance to meet so many people who are far superior than you are in your game. Such people are often full of knowledge, experiences, and stories that you lack and can be great resources if your desire is to improve in video games.

Such communities are most often real fun and have the potential to take you to events and competitions you otherwise would have not known about or have access to.

Many of these people are also content creators on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube and so can help you find more content that suits your interests or needs and can help you improve in video games. They may even take you as a guest on their shows and god knows what will come next for you.

Final Words

If you are eager to add more trophies to your achievements and improve in video games, you need to first follow the steps we thoroughly discussed above before moving on to other things like discipline and specific drills. Always remember that without having a correct mindset and good mental health, it is pretty much impossible to improve in anything let alone improve in video games.

Take a step back, think like a pro, practice like a pro, and improve in video games like a pro!

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