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JavaScript for kids; make your children creative with special games

JavaScript for kids; make your children creative with special games

If you think your child has a special talent in coding, discover it right now! Ask how? By using JavaScript for kids.

The current society is based on software and has become dependent on them. Therefore, if children are taught the correct way to use, interact and sometimes even optimize software, this practical knowledge will be used in different aspects of their lives. Since programming languages are not the same and some are more complex, choosing the right language for children who intend to start learning this skill is an important issue.

 If children start learning to code with a difficult language, its complexity will reduce their interest in learning. For this reason, the best programming language for children should be one that introduces them to basic concepts and thus avoids ambiguities and confusion as much as possible. The question here is, what is the best programming language for children? JavaScript for kids is one of the best options!

What is JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic and “object-oriented” programming language that is mainly used in web development. JavaScript is used to manage how web pages work and create dynamic and responsive websites. This programming language gives behavior to web pages and transforms their user experience from static and monotonous to interactive. Working with JavaScript teaches children skills such as web development, app building, and coding techniques. This means learning this language in childhood can lead to career development in the future. Seriously Javascript for kids is amazing!

Even if kids aren’t interested in web programming, learning JavaScript improves problem-solving and logical understanding. Also, JavaScript is a great language for increasing children’s creativity and ideation. If your child has mastered this language, he knows almost all the basic principles of programming. With the help of JavaScript, web documents can be turned into large-scale games and interactive applications.

After completing each project, children can share their projects with other people from anywhere in the world. Although Javascript for kids is very powerful, JavaScript has several “Elements” that must be fully considered. Although these elements are not chaotic and disordered, their extent is undeniable. Before learning JavaScript, children must master concepts such as variables, “Arrays” objects, “Methods” loops, functions, and “Parameters”. Finally, this valuable language can be considered the best programming language for children. Learning JavaScript is especially recommended for those people who are familiar with Python or Scratch and want to go a step further.

Why Javascript for kids is useful?

We’ve found that by pursuing JavaScript and other coding activities, kids can build an academic foundation to help them throughout their education. Coding and Javascript for kids also develop soft skills such as teamwork and flexibility. By encouraging children to learn basic programming concepts, parents are equipping them for success in a variety of fields. Some of the reasons for learning JavaScript for kids are:

Creative expression

One of the benefits of Javascript for kids, learning and teaching children programming is that creativity is associated with computer programming. Kids can follow their interests, tell stories through games and videos, or share their interests by building websites. By learning to code and start teaching kids to program, kids can create music and artwork, present science projects, study math, and apply creative solutions to problems.

Have fun with Javascript for kids

Another benefit of Javascript for kids is that it’s a useful brainstorming activity. Computer programming is more than just a set of rules and formulas, it’s a hands-on task where kids can see immediate results. Coding games often satisfy children’s interests and encourage them to learn along with their favorite cartoon characters.

Create academic foundations

JavaScript & Coding requires problem-solving and logic skills that make it a good foundation for academic advancement. Kids can also learn teamwork and patience, important skills for success. It can lead to good careers.

Javascript for kids makes Useful skills

Whether students pursue a career in technology or not, the ability to code websites is a useful skill. As technology continues to advance, understanding computers become more important.

Applications of JavaScript for kids & others

JavaScript is the most popular program for web development and is one of the most powerful tools a developer can have in their tool list. Developers use JavaScript in web development to add interactivity and features to improve the user experience and make the Internet more enjoyable.

JavaScript has expanded beyond front-end development, which is where it started. Recently, JavaScript has expanded to the back end of web development and can be used across the entire stack. This means that developers have access to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Destroy) methods and can now even use them at the back end of a website.

It’s good to know that more than 90% of all websites use JavaScript. This makes it the most prominent leader in web development technology. Let’s take a look at some specific uses of JavaScript in web development.

  • Front-End Interaction
  • Web applications
  • Browser games
  • Back End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • Improved user interaction
  • Using a variety of frameworks
  • Development of various computer games

Advantages of JavaScript that u should know

We found that using JavaScript for kids has many advantages, which are described below. Note that there is a possibility of client-side security breaches in JavaScript code, as everything is visible to users. Despite this, JavaScript is the most popular programming language today, and given that it is a native programming language for web browsers, it is worth new programmers to learn the basics and use them in their projects.

  • JavaScript websites are more interactive and user-friendly because the language creates more attractive interfaces.
  • Websites load and run faster because JavaScript can run immediately in the browser, reducing the number of requests to the server.
  • JavaScript works well with most other programming languages and allows for integration into a wide variety of applications.
  • JavaScript for kids is incredibly popular and most websites use JavaScript in some way regardless of the nature of the website.
  • JavaScript is an interpreted language and does not require a compilation process, so there is no need for a compiler. The browser interprets JavaScript as HTML tags.
  • JavaScript syntax is very easy. Anyone can easily learn it and use it to develop dynamic and attractive websites.
  • JavaScript code is interpreted line by line. Errors are indicated with line numbers. As a result, it is very easy to find errors in the code, correct them and test them.
  • JavaScript for kids is an event-driven language. This means that different code is executed when a certain event occurs. For example, a piece of code might be executed when the user clicks a button or moves the mouse over an object, etc.
  • JavaScript provides all the capabilities of a procedural language. JavaScript provides conditional checking, loops, and branching facilities that can be executed on a web page.
  • JavaScript for kids is a platform-independent language. Any JavaScript-enabled browser can understand and interpret JavaScript code. Every JavaScript code runs on different types of hardware for which it is written.

Important things that your children should know about JavaScript

JavaScript for kids is much easier than another programming. One of the things that makes JavaScript so simple, is the use of extensive library functions. While JavaScript can be written from scratch and use all the code in its body, it uses the library for higher speed and calls the required functions from inside the libraries if necessary.

When you write a specific function or command, you put it in a repository, which acts like a library. Now, whenever you want to use these functions, you only have to call them. If you don’t do this, every time you want to use the functions, you have to write them in full. In large programs and websites, different functions may be written several times, this work (writing functions several times) is not correct in terms of time optimization. In this case, p5.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries with tons of built-in code available for public use.

Now, if you want to complete the process of teaching JavaScript to kids, you need to learn the special terminology of this programming language:


In Javascript for kids, Variables are so important. They are containers in code that can hold a number, word, or other information. Variables have three parts: type, name, and value. You must call a variable to make a change.


Keywords are words that have a predetermined meaning in a programming language. These words are constants and you cannot define them as variables.

IF condition

These conditional statements execute a block of code if the conditional statement is true.

Else IF the condition

The else statement must be connected to the if statement and is executed when the condition is false. As a result, if the condition is met in the code and structure, that condition is executed, otherwise, the else statement has been executed.

Another model of this conditional statement is the else if statement. This type of command allows a program to react differently to different inputs, enabling more than two paths.


In Javascript for kids a function is so important to know. It is a set of commands in a script that can be reused to perform a specific task. Functions can even be called in other programs.


Parameters are where you provide information that affects how functions run.


Sprites are images that represent game assets. These images are used in the game.


Colliders are invisible boxes that surround images. These boxes act like frames.

Game mechanics

in Javascript for kids, A game mechanic is any active player action or event in the game. These actions come together to create an engaging game to play. Game mechanics are one of the important parts of the game, the more character-oriented they are, the better the game will be.


Loops test a condition and then execute a block of code. A loop will continue to check and execute the program until the condition is false. When using loops, we must be careful not to create an infinite loop.


Arrays are containers that hold variables. They are used to group similar variables. Arrays can hold multiple variables.

Things that make Javascript attractive to children

When we want to make JavaScript more understandable for children, we should use small and practical examples. In fact, for kids who are interested in learning JavaScript, it’s more helpful to look at smaller, more specific things to learn.

The process of creating user interaction – using alerts and buttons

The audience must be able to interact with the game environment for more interaction in the game. When we want to make JavaScript for kids more understandable, there must be an interaction between programming and the user. This interaction allows the player to control different parts of the game by his decision. This gives the player a better experience of a game. In the web world, if the user interacts with the website, he communicates with the site better and faster. Interaction with the site can be opening an image or running one of the sections of the site. Even a pop-up alert can be considered a user interaction. One of the important things for user interaction with the site is the use of buttons.

Using JavaScript to make a simple shooting game 

One of the classic cases in game development is making a shooting game with basic elements. In this mode, you shoot from the bottom up while your enemies move from the top down. At the bottom of the screen, you only go left and right and shoot at them. Your goal is not to let them (enemies) reach you or pass you by. This model is one of the most basic shooting modes.

Using JavaScript you can create an infinite loop of enemies that move north indefinitely. In fact, with the help of JavaScript and using loops, programmers can create enemies that spawn randomly throughout the levels.

Before you start learning JavaScript for kids, you need to answer this question, Is coding suitable for every child? This is a very important question. If appropriate, note that the child or children do not need to answer all questions or know everything at this time; But they need ways to expand their learning, and they need to find the right path for themselves with your help. If you are thinking about using JavaScript for children and teaching them, it is better to start this work from elementary school age, and in the best case, you can first familiarize your child with programming, from software and programming languages. In this way, u can use basics like Scratch and Python.

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