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Kids Coding

Coding is gaining rapid popularity all over the world. Coding is now catching up in many schools as a subject that can be added to their curricula. About 90% of parents, in a poll, said they would like their kids to have lessons in coding incorporated or added to their education. Coding means your child will be open to learning different things that can give them a lifetime of success. The introduction of coding to any child makes them learn exciting ways of creating something. Even if they do not get interested in the computer science field, they will have invaluable knowledge that can be applied to different industries and environments. Most businesses are going digital, and therefore training your child now in coding will mean giving them the edge in future to solve problems through technology. Kids coding today is a phenomenon that is gradually settling in with parents and tutors. They are beginning to see its importance in the development and growth of children. Therefore any channel that will be introduced for their kids to become tech-savvy is openly welcome.

What Is Coding?

Kids Coding

Coding refers to the mode of giving instructions to computers in order for them to perform a specific task. It is also commonly referred to as “computer programming” or “software programming.” The communication between humans and computers is in the language that is inputted. The instructions given are done in a way for the computer to understand. Kids’ coding skills are enhanced by the use of problem-solving languages, which include Python, Java, C and many others. The choice of language will depend on the purpose for which the project is going to be used. Kids’ coding lessons give them the chance to gain critical thinking skills. Beginner coding lessons start with dragging and dropping and visual programming. This is the type of coding that makes them learn fundamental concepts without typing or using syntax. The process of coding can be mixed with in-person sessions for your kids or offline learning with the different resources that are available now.

Get Kids Coding Early Because It’s Beneficial

The existence of technology as a component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning cannot be overlooked. Technology is causing a revolution in life today. Coding is taking charge of different aspects of the way the world is run now. There are self-driving cars, medical assistant robots, robots that even assist with surgery. The learning of coding early creates a good foundation and stepping stone for your child to take charge of their lives for the future. More importantly, coding not only supports kids to program computers, but they learn crucial academic skills and soft skills and persistence. These values are what is needed for success anywhere they find themselves. Coding at early ages makes them able to gain the necessary skills that they will carry along into other areas of learning and it will not be a waste or misuse of their time.

At What Age Should Kids Coding Lessons Be Introduced

Coding for kids should be particularly gamified to ensure that they have fun whilst learning. If this is done, then the skills of kids coding can be started from as young as 5 years. They can start early because they will be started on visual block interfaces to learn. Kids’ coding experience should be entirely kid-centric and engaging for them to be able to learn it effortlessly. The most important thing is not entirely about the age but rather how the delivery of the lessons will be. Do the coding lessons create fun? Is it easy to understand? Are you giving them exciting projects using real-world examples? If, as a tutor or parent, you are answering yes to any of these factors, then you can successfully introduce coding to your kids and help them learn new things. They are not too young to learn anything.

 Kids Coding Class Teaches Basic Concepts In Programming

There are different protocols that are used in creating coding for kids. Coding tutors teach about conditionals and loops. Conditionals are statements that enable the section of code to operate based on true or false statements. This makes use of Boolean values that are used in evaluating these codes. They are taught that when a particular condition is stipulated in the code, the computer will use one of the values, which is true or false. Another basic coding concept is that of Loops This is when the computer continues to perform a particular command when the condition is true and does not continue when the command is false. These basic concepts enable kids to progress in their quest to learn to code. Through playful and educative tools, simple programming principles are taught to kids.

Reasons For Teaching Kids Coding Include:

Even though there are a bunch of naysayers when it comes to coding, the very serious educators will state that coding is an important skill for future use. Even if your kid does not plan to become a software developer, there are different benefits that could come from making them sit in a number of different coding classes. Firstly, kids’ coding experience enhances different areas of learning. This affects their math, understanding of science, teamwork, problem solving, project based learning and even creative arts. All these benefits come to those kids who lend themselves to coding lessons. Also, kids are easy learners and do not forget easily what they are taught. Engaging them in coding enables them to build the foundations of their learning and education.

There is also a shortage of qualified engineers in countries. Therefore, exposing your kids to early coding lessons means training them to join the scarce future workforce. Moreover, the kids are able to become relevant in their field of work over the years. Everything is going digital and changing phase of work with technology. Kids coding now will give your child one of the important skills that cut across different industries. The field of farming, education, business, law, construction, medicine all use developers in their production, expansion and growth journey.

To Start Off, Kids Coding Equipment Will Be Needed

Kids Coding

Kids will need a comfortable working area for learning to get on smoothly. The type of equipment to get will depend on the interests of your child, the approach you want to use and the budget. Here are some options.

  • If your kids are young (within the 5-7) bracket, there are codes that can be run on not too high-end computers. You can get them simple chrome books, Ipads or mobile phones for testing what they create.
  • For students who are moving past visual block coding, you can get some old Macs or personal computers. Some of the programmes they will encounter are mostly online or web-based and will require a simple internet connection, therefore the need for the pc’s.
  • Prepare for when they use professional tools. This will include having a higher definition of computers, especially when there are high-grade tools that will be needed as they advance in their studies. When kids pick up the beginner lessons very quickly, they will advance to other levels on the coding ladder. This is when you will need an upgrade of your tools to enable you to teach them better. Preparing in advance with the right tools for your kids at each stage of their coding process will help them in settling comfortably in the lessons.

Kids Coding Sessions Can Be Taught In Different Ways

There are different categories of actions that can be taken when you want to teach your kids coding or get them involved. These are simple ways that can easily be adopted by tutors, parents or educators.

Online classes

Online classes are undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways of teaching kids how to code. To find the best online classes, find self-paced conditions where the student will be able to learn at any time. This is good for the kids when they might have tight schedules in school. Most of these websites are just a click away and there are online engineers that you can chat with when you get stuck. These online professional languages are used by developers who are in Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Some self – paced courses also come without support where they have designed the platform to not necessarily require interaction with teachers. Some of these platforms include, Khan Academy, CodeCombat. The free platforms are used by a lot of schools. These options make the directions for coding kids lessons easy to follow such they are don’t need help. For beginners, it eliminates the use of the keyboard in typing text. Also, some of the online classes have live meetings. They group kids and schedule them for review meetings to enable the progress and challenges of work to be discussed. With the use of Google Hangouts, for example, students can meet one-on-one and discuss exciting content.

Kids coding sessions that include camps and tutorials

It is also supportive of finding coding for kids lessons that make use of camps, tutorials. Many academies are focused on coding to train your child. The camp atmosphere promotes group learning as well as individual learning too. Find coding sessions that teach kids the basics of advanced coding, too, as they will need it when they go along. You can choose from either winter or summer camps in most major cities to teach kids coding.

Coding For Teens Has Become Important For Different Reasons

There are different reason coding for teens lessons have become important. There are both long-term and short-term benefits, and some include

To fill a gap

Many schools stress on education kids, but some too have not come around on the computer science bit of courses. However, coding is fast advancing in other places. Coding is no longer for those who are a reserve few or the dedicated. It is now crucial for coding to be introduced to teens. It prepares them for the best success in the real world. Coding for teens is now not reliant on the traditional school session but something that they have to take upon their own as an opportunity. Learning coding will fill in the gaps that schools are not able to provide for kids in coding.

To stay a step ahead.

When teens become committed to coding and step out to do something that their peers are not doing, they stand out. Extracurricular skills come into play even in college applications. A student who has taken time to gain extra skills will be the one a step ahead of their friends. Teens in coding lessons become great problem solvers and can think through logic-based problems. They are the ones not easily put off by the hurdles. They are able to become distinct from their friends in so many ways when they learn coding.

They can secure a lucrative career.

In the learning process of coding, teens will be preparing themselves for even what they will study in college and beyond, including their earnings. Doing computer science has been found to be one of the highest paying majors in college. Coding for teens means you will be setting them on the stage for world-class careers and becoming top earners.

Soft skills are learnt.

They can learn persistence and endurance even when it is frustrating and complex as they learn how to code. It also makes them good at communication, leadership and collaboration. These critical skills are needed for any role that they will play in future.

  • Computer coding for kids means they will be introduced to using their skills in different areas, therefore expanding their learning.

Computer Coding For Kids Lessons Are Best Learnt By Joining An Online Group

Some organizations offer online lessons for kids to be able to have computer coding. They dwell on kids’ curiosity to enable them to learn coding. Creators of these online groups use Java and also Minecraft (the kid’s favourite coding game). Your kids will, therefore, meet other kids who are on the same path of learning as them. They are able to ask important questions and learn the fundamentals of coding. These online groups have devised effective methods in teaching Java as an introduction to kids in coding. Coding interlaced with kids’ natural love for Minecraft provides motivation in conditional loops, variables, Booleans and other methods, which are found in almost all the coding languages. These online groups provide support and the needed information for kids to be able to involve themselves. They will introduce you to 2D game development and also app developments. They introduce them to Node.js and JavaScript, which run some of the famous platforms where people enjoy services like Paypal, Netflix, Linked In, Medium, Uber.

Computer Coding For Kids: Some Important Tips To Consider Before You Start

Kids Coding

Tip #1: Make it entertaining

Make the coding for kids fun! Young kids seeing the strict form of learning code can be dissuaded from learning coding. It is quite easy to get kids involved when the lessons are fun and interesting. Venturing into programming keeps them engaged and challenging. The process doesn’t have to be academic or mundane so that they will not be disconnected but rather engaged. The focus should be on fun and game resources that can teach them how to code. Computer coding for kids is meant to spark life into them and make them curious and passionate. Listen to their interests and find the lessons that will be suited for them.

Tip#2: Find a tutor near you

It is said that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had a coding tutor from middle school. However, the masses may not be able to afford a private computer, science tutors. Tutors will assess whether to put you in a group or go online. These coding tutors will determine which kinds of tutoring should go in for training your child and what individual attention is needed. Tutors will find the best lessons that will train you in Variables and more.

There are camps from beginners to advanced levels with expert teachers ready to introduce your kids to coding. You can even do a further search on after school coding classes. They will teach your kids starting from game design and development as an exciting way of being to learn to code. Kids who really want to advance in STEM learning will bring their own laptops, and robotics kits whilst others will use what is available. Tutorials can be scheduled for them to learn to program.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

The first step if you want to use the way of DIY in teaching your kids coding is to search from bookstores and online shops for literature on it. There are various good written books on coding on Amazon. The kids may be happier with video instructions but adding the use of books can also help them to strengthen their reading skills. If you want to use coding robotics kits to teach them, you can also find some in shops to get them started. Youtube tutorials can also be employed when you want to start off for kids to learn coding on their own. They have various topics to choose from, including app development, web development and others using age-appropriate content. `

Curriculum Recommendations Given for Kids Coding from Ages 5 to 16 and up

Ages 5-8

For kids within the age bracket of 5-8, there is a strong recommendation of using visual blocks to teach them coding. Some of the methods to employ, including using the website. They can start with interfaces such as Scratch, which a game-creating platform is allowing kids to make their personal games. The visual coding block fixes together like Legos. It is free and available for all kids. You can also start them off with books that have a clear direction and also have fun. They can even encounter the use of Minecraft Modding lessons that will engage them to learn to code.

Ages 8 to 15

Kids as digital natives gradually move from basic coding to more advanced ones as they get more exposure to it. They can use websites like Coodakid, which has several hours of video tutorials to teach kids. It provides innovative learning platforms and trains kids in using professional programming language tools. Kids’ coding curriculum can also include the use of monthly tasks and assignments. This includes the likes of Bitsbox, which gives monthly projects where kids complete their tasks for the month using JavaScript. Kids within this age bracket can also have their learning curriculum scheduled around robotics kits that they can program like the Robolink Codrone. The code that you write uses the coding language Arduino. Write the code and watch your drone take flight. For a little over $100, you can get a kit for your child.

Ages 16 and Up

Kids 16 and up also have some recommended curriculum in tools they can use for coding. They would, at this age, advanced in their coding studies. They can use websites like Treehouse, which teaches coding kids online. This teaches them web development, data science and full-stack development. Also, they can use Codecademy which provides free as well as paid coding courses on different topics. The training includes quizzes, projects and customized lessons. Udemy is another online platform that has over 80,000 videos on different topics. You can sign on to game development lessons, full-stack development and machine learning courses at a fee. Lastly, you can introduce them to books such as Python Crash Course, and you will learn basic programming rules, the concepts and the conventions employed in using it. There are limitless things you can create – from 2d games to web apps.

Best Kids Coding Languages Include Arduino And More

Kids Coding

Experts advise that the interests of your kid should determine the coding language that is chosen. If they like the Roblox game, for instance, then coding in Lua will be good for them. For robotics, Arduino is one of the best languages that they should learn. For those interested in building websites, they should be introduced to HTML and CSS. For the high-aiming app builder kids, they should be taught JavaScript and Swift. For those who want to mix their gameplay with coding, they can use Java. You can also teach Python, which gives kids coding a more exciting experience. It has been used to create some well-known platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Spotify. There are, therefore real life-examples that they can relate to when venturing into the area of coding.

It Is Best To Choose Tutors Who Have Time To Teach Your Kids Coding

Tutors have become interested in offering their services to after school beginners coding clubs. A lot of local schools have these types of tutors who are willing to teach your kids coding conveniently as you get busy. Tutors who can give your kids learning assignments and projects are also to be looked out for. They are the ones who will train them in game development and basic concepts. The good tutors will promote private and small group instruction. These can also be mostly qualified engineers who will advertise their services online.

If one-on-one lessons may break the bank, you can team up with your child’s friends and find a convenient arrangement with the tutor. A tutor who will have time for your kids will introduce them to a lot of resources. Check if your tutor has the necessary qualifications by doing your own background checks: the smaller the group, the better for the tutor to give them maximum attention. You can get these tutors from recommendations from friends. They may even come in first as volunteers before they become official.

Where Can Kids Learn To Code

Kids can learn how to code in different places. Some people prefer their kids to be instructed at camps; others prefer in-class instructions or even after-school lessons. Kids can learn code from school. Now a lot of schools are beginning to take advantage of the introduction of coding into the curriculum. Also, they can learn about coding from tutoring centres. These are mostly the after school hubs that are created to accommodate kids who want to learn code. Send your kids to summer camps all over. Kids can also learn coding concepts without computers and devices. This can take the form of using playing cards and board games. Study these learning centres yourself and determine which one will be suitable for their level of learning.

How To Encourage Your Kids To Get Into Coding

  • Emphasize that coding is like creativity – You have to dispel the fact that coding is only for the nerds and geeks. It scares many people from coding. Whereas they can become creative. For kids naturally like making things; hence coding will just be
  • Encourage them to explore – Find the tools that will give them enough time to learn freely without manuals. Keep experimenting and find the different learning processes of coding.
  • Find the child’s passion – Coding can be used for different programs. There are different apps that allow kids to use animation or storytelling in designing games. Lego Mindstorms, littleBits and other design centred programs where they can create robotics.

Kids Coding Is A Good Experience To Add To Their Education

Kids coding today will mean they will be building their future experience. The best advice is to find good tutors and the ones who make learning code fun and creative. Parents will be surprised to know that the concept of coding used in making video games are similarly used in business applications as well as other software. Immediately the class becomes boring; it begins to feel like solving a math problem that takes about 100 steps.

Coding is easy and available for anyone to learn. The most important thing it does is to keep your kid’s minds sharp and intellectually apt. It is advised that when teaching kids programming, it should be kept interactive and exciting. They will lose interest if you teach them too many complicated things at the beginning. At their ages, they can easily grasp simple programming concepts, and the more they practice, the better they become.

They are to be allowed to express their creativity and applying the solutions that they have found. Using platforms like Blockly is one of the good ways to get them started in coding. Thunkable can also be used when kids want to create mobile apps. They will be joyful and confident whilst learning at the same time.

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