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Online Coding For Kids; 6 Websites You Can’t Miss

Online Coding For Kids; 6 Websites You Can't Miss

Online Coding for kids may sound a little too professional and it is! But let me tell you why it is such a great choice!

If you are on this page chances are that you are already familiar with coding to some extent. First off, if that is not the case make sure to check out our article “Coding, What it is and what it isn’t” to get some ground information about programming. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss some facts about online coding for kids and then take a short look at some of the best websites and platforms that offer this type of education.

Let’s get started!

What Is Online Coding For Kids?

Online Coding For Kids; 6 Websites You Can't Miss

Well online coding for kids, is basically coding but online! So how is it different from offline coding? Why does it have its own blog post? We’re going to answer all that in a minute.

Here’s the thing; programming is basically translating human logic and language into computer logic and language! This is through typing commands in form of syntax (the computer language) and while following a rigid form of flowchart which is the computer’s logic. While syntax is just like learning a new language, creating flowcharts can become quite troublesome. This is a key problem that has been solved through online platforms. All the websites and platforms introduced above have overcome such problems in their own unique ways. They have turned programming into a gaming experience that is easy to learn and enjoyable to advance in.

They have broken down the entire syntax and flowchart progressions into the smaller and more comprehensible syllabus to ensure maximum learning in online coding for kids.

Online coding for kids has also made it possible for youngsters to have access to their work and progress from wherever they desire. The old fashion programming offline platforms are often too taxing on the internals of the system and are not easily accessible remotely. This means that if you are on a legit PC, you can not continue your project in the living room let alone in another city or country.

In the rest of this article, we are going to take a brief look at some of the most famous platforms that are designed especially for online coding for kids. Remember that these are the ones we think are the best and they are all free!

let’s see what they are right away!

#1 Scratch

Scratch is probably the most famous of these and that’s why I have put it first on my list. It is basically a platform designed for learning coding and game design at the same time. The most important advantage of Scratch compared to offline programming platforms is the fact that they have turned the syntax into a block form. This means that the users can simply click on the block of code they need to use instead of having to type in confusing syntax texts.

This helps the beginners as well as the young kids out there to get hold of the mechanics of programming without having to go through all the headaches of typing in code. This block system has also made it possible to change the flowchart of the program seamlessly. All you have to do is to drag and drop the block from its current position in the tree to a new position! Scratch is basically a revolution in online coding for kids!

We have a whole other article about Scratch called Scratch From Absolute Scratch so check that out to get even more information on the matter take a look at their official website here!

#2 Blockly

Next up in the game is the Blockly. Blockly has also chosen the block system, as their name suggests, for coding. What makes Blockly more unique is the fact that is based on Java. This platform basically teaches children how programming works through gamified challenges that will lead to the creation of a program in the end. The users will have to select the correct block of code and place it in the correct place in order to overcome the challenge at hand and proceed to the next stage.

What makes this better is the fact that the users do not require any prior coding experiences. Furthermore, the Blockly library can be easily installed on other programming software to get an interlocking coding system.

You can read a more in-depth review of Blockly here.

#3 Code For Life

Online Coding For Kids; 6 Websites You Can't Miss

Code for life is one of the major players, especially in the UK. It is eve squeezed in some of the UK’s primary school curriculum to help the students learn how to code and get at least some basic skills in the field of programming through two major games called Rapid Router and Kurono. What makes this even more interesting is that similar to the previous platforms, the users of Code For Life do not need any prior experiences with programming or the platform itself. According to their website, the entire platform is built upon the requirements of primary school teachers to ensure maximum efficiency and usefulness.

Code for life also enters the realms of more sophisticated programming languages such as Python as well so it is safe to say that it is an excellent choice for beginning online coding for kids!

You can head over to their website by clicking here.

#4 Code Wars

Unlike the previous platforms, code wars actually require their users to have some basic understanding of coding. Don’t get me wrong though, it is still an excellent choice when it comes to online coding for kids, and let me tell you why!

As the name implies, Code Wars is a rather competitive platform. it provides games and challenges in a wide variety of languages such as Java and Python. What makes this a very unique platform for online coding for kids is the fact that it pushes the users to polish their skills in order to surpass their friends and make progress.

Another great feature of Code Wars is the fact that all users have access to the solutions of others. This helps the community to grow using the experience of others and create a very fruitful ecosystem of online coding for kids.

Here’s the link to their website in case you are curious and wish to know more about them!

#5 Code Monster

Code monster also promotes practice rather than learning. It is a platform created for young learners who have some basic knowledge of JavaScript and need a program to practice their previously acquired skills. What’s more, is that the FAQ page of Code Monster persuades young learners to search for tutorials and coding manuals from other sources.

The main concept of the program is very simple; there is a cute monster that provides instruction to users in order to proceed. Again, there is no syntax or flowchart learning here but rather putting into practice what is already known. After all, practice makes perfect right?

Code Monster brings fun and engagement to online coding for kids. Feel free to take a look at their website here.

#6 Code Combat

Online Coding For Kids; 6 Websites You Can't Miss

Our last combatant in online coding for kids is Code Combat. This one is a little different from the previous ones and that is because the main focus of Code Combat is on syntax. Similar to others, they also have a gamified approach to online coding for kids. They help children from 5 all the way to 17 to learn coding Python and JavaScript by advancing through an RPG game. Their method is absolutely fun and has stunning graphics too!

Also, they have made it possible for the users within the community to get acquainted and do play along with each other. The main protagonist of the game is named Anya and the users have to direct her towards by writing code! The game provides coding challenges for the children and pushes them to sharpen their skills further level after level. They also offer tons of how-tos, tutorials, and course material for those who are interested in progressing their programming journey.

Feel free to check them out here and see what they are all about in more detail by clicking here.

Final Words

Gone are the days when learning how to code was a headache. The days of facing frustrating textbooks and taking confusing courses have come to an end. Today, along with all the other platforms, we at GeniusCamp put all our efforts into making programming an enjoyable and seamless direction for our children to take. Online coding for kids is just one of the many solutions for nurturing our future engineers and programmers. This can not be done without discovering their talents and directing them in the right direction!

Head over to our courses section on top of this page to learn more about all the other courses that we offer. Remember that no matter what course you select, the first session is always on us!

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