Roblox Semi-Private: Code Your Own Game with LUA

Enter the world of Roblox and make learning fun for your little ones with this course. The first step in game design, this course gives kids the opportunity to understand Lua Programming (Lua is a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed primarily for embedded use in applications). As the kids create and publish gaming projects […]

Java Semi-Private: Code like a Pro!

Are you ready to set your child up for success from an early age? Let us teach them how to code. This course is not only about coding, but also helps improve their mathematics skills, build creativity and develop problem-solving skills. In this course, we will begin with algorithms, logic games and then teaching them […]

Virtual Reality: Program with C# in Unity3D

Virtual Reality Gaming

Do you know that the future of education lies within Virtual Reality (VR) boundaries? VR platforms are revolutionizing education and help students to learn complicated topics much easier and faster. At the end of this course, your kid will create their own very simple app that they sideload into the Oculus headset!

Web Design: Kickstart Your Own Website

If your child has ever wanted to have their very own brand, learning to build and promote its online presence is key to its survival. Our Virtual World Camp will teach your child how to create their website by learning cornerstone technologies of the World Wide Web, HTML and CSS, as well as how to […]

Minecraft: Build Your Dream World

Has your child dreamed of being a game designer? Does he/she spend lot of time playing Minecraft? Let us help them to build their dream world with their favourite game. They can create their own adventure by learning level design and using custom resource packs. They will also be introduced to the Java programming as […]

Scratch: Build Your Game from Scratch

Do you want to invest in your child’s future if they are into games? If the answer is yes, let’s start from scratch by teaching them Scratch! Developed by MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a programming language where your child can program interactive media such as stories, games, and animation. This course boosts your kid’s […]

Science Tricks And Magic

In this camp, we call ourselves scientific magicians (or was it magical scientists?!). Join our crew and embark on the journey of doing weird tricks from the world of chemical and physical sciences. Understand the science behind each trick and show off your skills to your friends.

Robotics: Program with Sphero BOLT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powers the world we live in more ways than we know. Along with Robotics, AI is one of the must-have skills of the future, as our environment sees more and more rapid advances in technology. In this Camp, your child will interact and control robots and manipulate their intelligence to perform tasks, […]

Robotics: Program with Arduino

“Ready, set, robots!” – That’s all this camp is about! Have a problem? Let robots solve it. Ready to have a close companion? Let robots help you. Have safety concerns? Robots to the rescue. Dive into this camp’s activities and learn how robots’ function and how best you can code them to achieve your goals. […]

3D Printing & Modeling: Learn Autodesk

A Camp for budding artists and designers. See your child’s art come to life with this course. Here your child will learn how 3D Printers function and create objects from their imagination, all from scratch. Our campers have 3D printed everything from simple clocks to complicated catapults because sky is the limit for creativity.