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Ryerson University

ryerson university renamed
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Ryerson University

Fun and learning combined at Ryerson University!

Where is Ryerson University?

Ryerson University, recently Toronto Metropolitan University, is one of the most famous public research universities in all of Canada!

It is located in the Garden District in Toronto, Ontario, it stretches over a massive 49 hectares of ground and has countless facilities such as labs, amphitheaters, open spaces, and other educational facilitie

Why Summer Camp At Ryerson University?

  • Massive open spaces for innovative outdoor activities
  • Children get to experience what it is like to be in a prestigious research university
  • Convenient location in Toronto,
  • Excellent facilities for hands-on learning
  • Safe and fun environment
ryerson university renamed

Programs And Courses

Our most popular courses are:

But There’s More!

All our courses are integrated with our unique entrepreneurship course!

So there’s learning with fun hands-on projects and innovative games and learning the basics of business including marketing and sales all in 1 camp!

Summer Camp at Ryerson University

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