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Tech Entrepreneurship, Innovation In Education!

What do you think tech entrepreneurship is?

It is an innovation! It is the future.

Let’s think about it. For so long children have been learning about all sorts of things such as STEM. There are camps and laboratories and extracurricular activities where children have fun and do various projects, make line following robots, flying drones, submarines, control systems, and more. And that’s not bad. That’s very productive and cool! But it’s mediocre!

That’s mediocre because it is preparing children to get a job, do it correctly and become the employee of the month! Which is also not bad at all! it’s the safest most preferred way of life for most people anyway! And it is not easy either!

But what if there is more potential in our children? What if they are built to have their own businesses and become the next millionaire in your family!

We believe it is possible for all children! That is why we have developed an integration in our courses which we call Tech Entrepreneurship!

Let’s take a deeper look!

What Is Tech Entrepreneurship?

STEM + Entrepreneurship. That’s all it is!

According to Technology Entrepreneurship is

An investment in a project that assembles and deploys specialized individuals and heterogeneous assets that are intricately related to advances in scientific and technological knowledge for the purpose of creating and capturing value for a firm.

In other words, tech entrepreneurship is the skill of turning a technology-based product or idea into a functioning business.

Companies such as TESLA, Microsoft, and Apple were all basically founded by tech entrepreneurs. With the daily exponential evolution of the tech market, more and more businesses must divert toward technology.

Tech Entrepreneurship, Innovation In Education!

Genius Camp Philosophy of Tech Entrepreneurship

In Genius Camp we believe education must be applicable. Following this concept, we have tried to tailor all our courses and direct them in a way that children can effectively use them in the future.

We realized that even if children are becoming STEM masters in schools, which they are not by the way, they have no idea what to do with it!

For example, a child might learn to make their own flying drone but with today’s education systems, that would be it! They will hardly be able to turn that talent and knowledge around into a real functioning business. This is because children never learn about money or how to run a business in school.

By integrating entrepreneurship education without already well-developed stem courses, we aim ain’t to help children learn the do’s and don’ts of running a business. That is what tech entrepreneurship is all about: nurturing tech specialists who are able to market and sell their products and ideas.

How We Do This

Genius camp is the first ever institution that has designed a curriculum for this purpose. We have added numerous outdoor games and activities which would promote and help develop the four major areas of entrepreneurship which are Business Knowledge, Leadership and Team Building Skills, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Networking and Communication Skills.

We have already discussed these in detail in another article called “What is entrepreneurship for kids?” So be sure to read that one as well.

The difference tech entrepreneurship makes is the fact that it provides children with an entrepreneurial mindset and slowly pulls them away from the idea of becoming an employee. Also by being able to produce products and sell them at a very young age, they will basically be practicing their entrepreneurial skill for their future. Hence, when they hit their mid-20s they have over 10 years of experience in effectively creating and running practical businesses that generate real revenue.

How Does Tech Entrepreneurship Work?

Tech Entrepreneurship, Innovation In Education!

Now let’s take a look at an example from within our courses. Let’s take Robotics as an example.

Let’s say a Genius Camper decides to step into the realms of Robotics engineering. Typically they will learn about the technical aspects of creating robots throughout this course. This includes learning about programming, control systems, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering for flying droids, 3D printing for designing and printing out the chassis and bodies, electrical engineering for designing the major electrical components such as motors and batteries, and electrical engineering for designing the major motherboards. This means they will learn to build a robot from literally ground zero all the way to a functional unit that is presentable and enjoyable to use.

Our integrated Tech entrepreneurship curricula will help our students with the business side of things. So in the same robotics course, our students will also learn about different types of robots, the demand in the market for each of them, the target markets, how their final product should be priced, and how it should be marketed and sold on online platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

This means by the end of the course our students will be able to sell their products and start a new business that generates real-life revenue. Isn’t that just so cool?

But that’s not even it!

Genius Campers we’ll also learn how to cut their cost and produce their final product more efficiently to boost their profits.

Instructors Like No Other!

In Genius Camp we believe the best instructor is the one with prior hands-on experience. That’s why we only use instructors who have already worked as engineers at mathematicians for our stem courses. You can read all about how we handpick and train our instructors but heading over to our summer camp page.

Now similar to STEM education, we have partnered with experts such as real-life entrepreneurs and corporate managers to design and implement our Tech entrepreneurship integration. This is to ensure maximum learning that is 100% applicable in real-life situations.

Tech Entrepreneurship, Innovation In Education!

Final Words

The world of technology is advancing at an extraordinary speed. Our vision in Genius Camp is to prepare the next generation of world entrepreneurs who are able to perform business in whatever field they may desire with no limitations.

Make sure to check out our summer camp and course pages to learn more about what we offer and make sure your child will get the best out of their time!

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