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Why Children Must Learn Python

Why Children Must Learn Python

There are countless reasons for one to want to learn Python. One reason is probably that it has become so popular and in-demand over the past decade or so but that is for a person who is in the market for a job as a programmer or wants to change their career. The same reasons may not apply to children who are out there gaining their experiences and still going through their initial education but that doesn’t mean it is not a good choice for them.

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Boosting Problem Solving Skills

Why Children Must Learn Python

Generally speaking, programming helps children to learn to look at problems with a methodic approach. This means that children will learn to look at the issue at hand using a logical approach that is in favor of establishing a practical solution rather than go through trial and error mindlessly. This is what is known as Logical Thinking. We have another full article on how programming helps with improving logical thinking and I highly recommend you read this one as well to gain some insights on how this is exactly done. Click here and you will be redirected to that article.

But where does Python come in? While being extremely advanced, Python is known to be one of the easiest programming languages for beginners. it is also very versatile. Some experts say that “To learn Python is to learn all code”! So what better language to promote logical thinking skills for children other than Python?

Expands Future Career Opportunities

As mentioned before, Python is an extremely versatile language to code with. Python programmers can code pretty much anything from 2D and 3D games and simple mobile apps to websites and extremely complex projects. On the other hand, programming has already become an integral part of over 90% of our occupations anyways. Even an accountant has to write in some sort of code on their Microsoft Excel sheets for their work. Just because it’s called Formulae doesn’t mean it’s not programming.

If one is committed to learn Python at a young age now, it is only common sense to assume a bright career in the future. The number of programming languages alone is already exceeding the number of programmers and the jobs are mostly very well-paid. So if your child can learn Python while they are still a child, they will be having a huge advantage over their competition in the job market in the next 10 to 20 years!

Enjoy Interactive Communities & Resources

Python is a huge programming language and so there are countless resources available in the internet for those who want to learn Python. This makes learning a very joyful experience. Putting your child in a situation where they are to learn such critical skills through research and analysis at a young age. This extensively promotes self-education and indepence while getting the kids to learn the skill at their own pace and through channels they find most efficient and fun for them.

By starting to learn Python, your child will also inevitably join the communities and forums that are specially established for Python programmers. They will have the chance to make online friends and interact with them in so many positive ways. Following the process to learn Python, kids would have the chance to communicate with those who are more experienced programmers, ask their questions and learn their techniques and perspectives when facing different difficulties.

Learn Python, Learn Math

Why Children Must Learn Python

Generally speaking any programming is tangled with math so at first glance this may not seem like a convincing reason for kids to want to learn Python specifically. The question that arises here is “Why not other languages like Java?”

The answer to that question lies within the structure of Python itself. First of all Python can be used as a simple calculator. For children, it is so much fun to be able to create their own calculator to check their math homework. This also encourages them to do their math homework more delicately and get more attracted to mathematics.

Also, as students climb the ladder in the educational system, they will be required to use more complex calculators and in some cases create their own custom ones. This means those who learn Python at a younger age will be less likely to have any problems in the years to come if they come face to face with such projects further in their studies.

Increase Their Attention To Detail

One of the major differences that sets it apart from many programming languages is that it can not be written directly into the compiler. THe programmer must first write their entire code on a notetaking software such as the Notepad app on Windows and then paste it in the compiler to run the code.

This means that if there is an error in the syntax, the programmer must correct the error in the Notepad and then copy-paste the entire thing again rather than just making the changes in the compiler. This makes the process of coding in Python a little more delicate specially for the beginners.

At the same time, this also offers a good practical exercise for individuals to boost their attention span and concentration skills. carryout such exercises from a young age will definitely be useful and turn into a great advantage in the years to come.


To wrap things up it is important to mention that the benefits of putting young children on the road to learn Python are not simply limited to what is mentioned in this article. Learning to code in general would create countless other advantages for the young minds provided they are interested and are in good hands.

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