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YouTube For Kids; Let The Big Little Stars Shine!

YouTube For Kids; Let The Big Little Stars Shine!

If we are being honest with each other, today, knowing how to make a video and tell your story has become basic internet literacy. This is something that has been happening for years on Youtube for kids!

Having said that, there are possibilities on YouTube that most individuals and especially parents are not aware of. There are windows of opportunities that are yet to close in near future. These, however, need investment.

When one starts talking about YouTube for kids, the judgments that they receive can be pretty harsh and controversial even before they have finished their sentence. After all who wants to put their children on social media even more than they already are right? Well wrong!

In this article, we are going to discuss why this is not true and how opportunities are being born on YouTube for kids!

What Is YouTube?

YouTube For Kids; Let The Big Little Stars Shine!

Before moving on let’s have a review on what Youtube actually is.

Well, Youtube is the largest video sharing and streaming service on the planet! The only people who are not familiar with YouTube are literally those who live in the trees with leaves covering them. That is how massive and popular it has become over the years. And it is not like it is a platform from centuries ago either, in fact, it is only 18 years old. Youtube was launched in February 2004 by its 3 creators Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. It was later sold to Google for 1.6 billion US Dollars in 2006. Still not sure how big it has become?

According to the BusinessofApps, YouTube has created a revenue of 28.8 billion US dollars in just 2021! It is the second most viewed website on the entire internet after the all-mighty Google itself!

What YouTube has achieved over the years is second to none and it has become one of the most important and integrated parts of our lives today. One reason behind this is the fact that the world was severely hit by the Corona Virus. This made people stay in their homes and apartments and created the opportunity for both video streaming platforms and bloggers to make a huge amount of money! Whatever you are seeking, there is a very very good chance that you will find at least like 3 YouTube channels dedicated to them – and I’m being very modest with that number.

YouTube is full of so many features. It is true that it was designed as an entertainment video-sharing platform for people to have fun, but today it has become much more. There is a wide range of categories when it comes to videos available on Youtube and that is for the adults, let alone all the content that is available on YouTube for kids.

There are countless tutorial videos on how things are done. Then there are do-it-yourself (AKA DIY) videos. There are music videos, live shows, news, tech review channels, history, geography, propaganda, and pretty much anything you can think of! Youtube for kids has also been pretty fruitful. They got to watch their favorite cartoons and shows, look for answers for their homework and watch video lessons on their school subjects for an even better understanding of their school work. There are also numerous channels are specifically created on YouTube for kids!

Once a user creates a free account, they can then like and dislike the videos they watch. They can also leave comments and subscribe to their channels and ring the bell icon to make sure they will not be missing any of their future content. What is more, is that they can also start their own channels and upload videos as well. All of these are also available on YouTube for kids so there are no compromises on any of those fronts either.

YouTube For Kids?

YouTube For Kids; Let The Big Little Stars Shine!

Over the past couple of years with international regulations changing regarding the use of the internet for children, YouTube has introduced YouTube Kids. It is basically the same good old Youtube as we know it but it is optimized for children. There are also more advanced parental control features and the content within the platform is monitored to be suitable for children.

If you are a  parent with young children, chances are you are already using this platform instead of the original YouTube. This has made the possibilities for children pretty much endless. Now they have access to similar content as adults do but in kids’ format!

Just as it has turned into a huge income resource for adults, the same capabilities are active and present on YouTube for kids as well. Similar to the adults, there are no limits in the content children can make other than those which are against the guidelines. This means that children have equal chances of becoming YouTube stars as much as the adults do! Furthermore, the competition is not as hardcore as it is for the adults when it comes to YouTube for kids! With some effort and guidance, your child can become the next millionaire of their family.

Becoming A Young YouTube Star

Becoming a YouTube star has become such a big deal over the years. Some of these stars make are more famous and make much more money than some musicians or actors! Basically, all you need for becoming a YouTube star is a camera, internet (to upload your videos), passion, and hard work!

YouTube has created this amazing opportunity for individuals to show off their talents for absolutely free to millions of viewers.

Some of these stars in the tech industry include MKBHD and Super Saf. In the car industry, Manny Khoshbin and Supercarblondie are two of the most famous individuals. Becoming a YouTube star is easier than ever at these times and let me tell you why.

First of all, we have more access to content creation tools and gears than we ever had before. Pretty much any midrange smartphone would prove more than enough for recording videos. Did you know that a huge percentage of YouTube videos are shot and edited on smartphones? This cuts the cost for expensive professional cameras as you will be using your daily phone for the matter. Editing can also be done with free or paid apps on your same smartphone or on any cheap laptop with mediocre graphics and CPU. Don’t know how to edit videos? There are tons of tutorials available on the same YouTube you are creating content for!d

Secondly, this is not 2006 and you are not dealing with a newly growing platform. Everybody already knows YouTube. Everybody already has an account so this makes your work so much easier since you won’t have to convince anyone to download, install and try the app. Now one may argue that “hey since it’s so popular how is anyone even going to find me?” which sounds fair.

There are a couple of things missing from this equation though. Number one is that the algorithms are optimized daily to make sure good quality content is not lost in the sea of videos. Number two, there are so many places where you can learn about how the entire thing works and get to be seen! One great example is us: GeniuCamp!

These are even more true when it comes to YouTube for kids. While the platform is extremely famous, there is not much competition in it. There simply has not been enough time for YouTubers to create as much content on YouTube for kids! Do you see the window of opportunity for your child yet? Let me elaborate!

This is one is specifically for the YouTube for kids territory, somehow children seem to be more successful in becoming a star than adults. This may be due to fact that the programs created by children most often suit children and so parents would sit their kids down on watching them while attending to other matters! Let’s take the Youtube channel that features a kid as an example. The channel is the subject is called Kids Diana Show and features a little girl (presumably named Diana) and her family. Everything in the production line is extremely simple BUT, the channel has 91.4 million subscribers and one video that was published in October 2021 has over 101.7 million views with 68 million likes!

Another young YouTuber who has been all over the news is Ryan Kaji. Ryan reviews children’s toys in his channel Ryan’s World. Sounds simple? Well according to The Guardian, he is the richest kid Youtuber and makes a whopping 30 million dollars every year just from his YouTube account. That is besides all the sponsorships, advertisements and other financial benefits Ryan receives from other benefactors! His most famous video has had over 2 billion views and is called Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge. He is only six years old!

The Future of YouTube For Kids

YouTube For Kids; Let The Big Little Stars Shine!

Let’s take a look at where the future of YouTube lies!

Let’s take a look back at 2018. This was a very key year on YouTube for kids. Wondering why? Well, do you remember Ryan? The kid YouTuber we were talking about earlier? He was the site’s highest earner that year and he was only 7! He had his picture all over the news! and he also has his own line of toys named Ryan’s World. This is just one example of where kids can go with YouTube!

According to The Guardian, in 2019, becoming a YouTuber was the number one aspiration for children in both US and UK.

They seem to find doing this extremely easy and fun. For example, there are a number of kid YouTubers who review toys! Let’s be realistic now, as much as it is enjoyable for adults to see other adults review cars and smartphones, it is equally satisfactory to watch children review toys or school experiments on YouTube for kids! It is common sense!

The truth is that right now YouTube is for the kids! The guidelines may clam certain restrictions in that regard but there is content being produced on YouTube for kids aged as young as 2 who enjoy every minute of their time and push their parents to reach for that like button! That is the true direction YouTube is taking and it is not bad. In the next couple of decades the children today will become adults. The adult Youtubers and influencers that are out there today started their practice during their adulthood while the children today have the chance to nurture and develop such skills at very young ages.

This in turn would make them so much more superior influencers by getting them to experience creating content on YouTube for kids of their own age! I leave imagining what achievements they can conquer in their adulthood!

YouTube For Kids With GeniusCamp

YouTube For Kids With GeniusCamp

The whole idea of providing YouTube courses is for the children is to help them learn skills that would be handy if they are into becoming Youtubers or influencers later in life. After all, these have become very real and well-paid careers in the past recent years. This is often followed by feelings of achievement and excitement for children as it helps them to turn into producers rather than the consumers they already are!

In another article regarding game design, we have fully discussed how becoming a creator, in that case, creating games, would positively influence children. The article is called5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child In Game Design Courses and you can read the full story here. We believe that creating anything will have similar effects and so following the same mindset, creating quality content, and publishing it for the masses is no different, especially on a well-known platform such as YouTube for kids who always have big dreams in their heads!

In our YouTube For Kids course, GeniusCampers start off by learning the basics of YouTube such as creating a personal account and then a YouTube channel. They will also learn video editing, public speaking, and personal brand development in order to be able to create gravitating and high-quality content! GeniusCampers will also learn how to get more likes and subscribers and even how to sell products!

Our YouTube For Kids Course covers all the topics from beginner levels and develops the abilities of our GeniusCampers towards becoming professionals in the field.

Make sure to visit our summer camp courses to learn more about our other courses. Don’t miss the summer!

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