Re-inventing Learning During the Pandemic – Role of Virtual Classes in Facilitating STEM Education for Children

  • June 24, 2020

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COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. Distancing has become the new normal and people have now begun acclimatizing to evolved social norms. But let’s talk about one of the main segments affected by this pandemic; the budding businesses. Over the past few years, start-ups have positioned themselves as industry disruptors, with new ideas and new styles of working. Supported by evolving consumer mindset and technological innovations, businesses had begun re-inventing the wheels for many sectors, the norms for previously were believed to be set in stone. And now due to COVID-19, they are again chartering new techniques and practices to keep themselves relevant.

Taking a page from this is Genius Camp, which was featured recently on the popular radio show by CBC, Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon. Talking about how stringent regulations around physical distancing and apprehensions by worried parents have impacted the popular summer camp culture, Ian Yurikh, a popular faculty member from GC, highlighted the trend of virtual classes to maintain the momentum of learning. He also mentioned that platforms like Zoom and Minecraft have played an immensely helpful role in ensuring seamless experience for children.  The organisation previously witnessed success through their partnerships with esteemed universities of the country to conduct physical workshops/camps for children. However, prioritising the safety of children, following the onset of COVID-19, the company took the important decision of shifting to an online model for all their courses and now have been successfully conducting virtual classes on a regular basis. Through the help of meticulous planning and easy to access software to channel the communication, the organisation has seamlessly managed to conduct classes to facilitate learning for children by experienced faculty members from the comfort of their homes.

Genius Camp — CBC News

Genius Camp — CBC News

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