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Genius Kits

Explore, create, and innovate
with Genius Camp STEM kits.

Hi, I’m a Genius!

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What’s Inside?

Let’s take a look at some of our kits included in the package.

Solar Remote Control Car

The Solar Remote Control Car runs on solar power, making it an eco-friendly and fun toy. With a remote control for easy maneuvering, it’s a great way to introduce kids to renewable energy concepts.

Earth, Moon and Sun

The DIY Solar System Kit offers an engaging hands-on experience, allowing you to construct a miniature model of our solar system. With clear instructions and quality components, it’s a fun way to learn about celestial mechanics and planetary arrangement. Explore the wonders of the cosmos with this educational kit!

Remote Control Tank

A Remote Control Tank is a scaled-down model of a tank that can be operated from a distance using a handheld remote control. It offers an entertaining and interactive experience, complete with realistic movement and sound effects. Perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking to explore tank technology in a fun and engaging way.

Elevator Lift

An Elevator Lift is a vertical transportation system that moves people or goods between different levels of a building. It’s a fundamental component of modern urban infrastructure, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in various settings.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This DIY wood kit combines hands-on fun with STEM learning, allowing kids to build their own functional wireless speakers. It’s a creative and educational experience that instills valuable skills while fostering a love for science and technology.

Beam-pumping is a widely used method in the oil and gas industry to extract crude oil from wells. It involves a reciprocating pumping unit powered by an electric motor or engine, creating an up-and-down motion to lift oil and fluids to the surface. This method is reliable and adaptable, making it a cornerstone technology in petroleum production.
Pipelined Transfer Band
The Pipelined Transfer Band optimizes data flow in computing systems, boosting processing efficiency by enabling concurrent instruction handling. This crucial component enhances overall system throughput for peak performance.
Little Ant Robot
The Little Ant Robot is a compact, agile robotic system inspired by ant-like efficiency. Its small form and advanced mobility make it ideal for tasks in confined spaces or challenging terrains. Whether for reconnaissance, inspection, or exploration, this robot offers a dynamic solution with its innovative design.
Hydraulic Elevator Platform
The Hydraulic Elevator Platform offers efficient and reliable vertical transportation. Powered by hydraulics, it ensures a smooth ride with advanced safety features. Elevate your building’s mobility with this cutting-edge system.
Air Cannon
An Air Cannon is a pneumatic device that uses compressed air to create a forceful burst. It’s versatile, finding applications in entertainment, industrial tasks like cleaning, and more.
Hand Serving Machine
This innovative device boasts ergonomic design and user-friendly controls, ensuring seamless operation for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Crafted with the highest quality materials, it guarantees durability and longevity, making it an indispensable tool for any establishment. Elevate your serving experience with our Hand Serving Machine – where efficiency meets elegance.
Hydraulic Excavator
A Hydraulic Excavator is a heavy-duty machine pivotal in construction and excavation projects. It employs hydraulic power for tasks like digging, trenching, and heavy lifting. Known for its versatility and precision, it’s a cornerstone of modern construction equipment, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and with accuracy.
Wireless Transmission Equipment
Experience seamless communication with our advanced Wireless Transmission Equipment. Designed for reliability and ease of use, it empowers you to transmit data effortlessly. Elevate your connectivity with our state-of-the-art equipment.
DIY Telegraph
Explore the history of communication with our DIY Telegraph Kit. Build your own functional telegraph for a hands-on, educational experience. Discover the roots of modern technology in a fun and engaging way.
Discover the ancient art of projectile motion with our engaging Catapult Kit. Precision-engineered components and user-friendly instructions make assembling your own working catapult a breeze. Ignite curiosity and inspire a love for science with this hands-on experience!

Why is Genius Kits Cool?!

Some Benefits of the Product

Every Package includes
15 Creative STEM Kits.

Every Project has some new
skills to teach the kids.

The Kits can be experienced
solo or inside a group

The future of your geniuses,
now in your hands.

Unlock Endless Possibilities with our Genius Kits!