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Microbit Kit



About this item

  • The Micro:bit Smart Robot Car is a mini STEM education DIY robot platform based on Micro:bit programming. The plug-and-play allow children to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children’s interest in science and logical thinking.
  • This car kit is Compatible with Micro:bit v2 v1.5 but NOT Includes microbit board. Note battery is Not Included! This robot shield comes with a passive buzzer for playing music; a KEYES-2812-18R module for controlling 18 RGB LED colors; a photocell for detecting the light intensity; two RGB lights used as direction light.
  • Comes with a complete booklet including assembly drawings and wiring diagrams, as well as all the code, to help build it, and also have detailed video and web page tutorials to guide you.
  • Andriod or IOS control: It integrates ultrasonic and infrared obstacle avoidance and is configured different functions according the tutorials such as Line Tracking, Ultrasonic Following, Obstacle Avoidance and Follow, Infrared Control and Bluetooth Control.
  • JavaScript graphical programming, Python and other micro:bit programming methods can be used to programming. Technical supports is always available at!


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