Genius Camp Scholarships for Virtual STEM Camps (Summer 2020)


August 15, 2020

Average Funding

CAD $500

Total Funds Up To Date


Accepting Applications


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Genius Camp is currently offering scholarships to eligible students (see below).

Tuition Assistance Program

We are pleased to announce that scholarships for summer Virtual STEM Camps are now available to eligible students all across Canada.

What types of Scholarships are available?

There are currently two types of scholarships available. These scholarships can be applied to any of our virtual STEM camps (either one-week or two-week camps).

  1. A full scholarship (1 available per week)
  2. A 50% off scholarship (2 available per week)

Eligibility- Who can enter?

If you are a parent of students ages 6-15 and identify yourself as any of below:

  1. A low income family as set out by the Government of Canada (see here)
  2. Indigenous person
  3. A recent refugee or immigrant to Canada 
  4. Front-Line Worker
  5. Lost employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic

If you meet any of the above criteria and your child loves STEM, you are eligible to enter our weekly scholarship drawing and win one of our weekly 3 scholarships.

Ready to apply?

To enter, please fill out the online application below
For any questions, please contact us at

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