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We are here to help! Either In-class or Virtual

Grades 1-12

Every child has an inner Genius Help them discover it!

Why Genius Camp ?

Genius Camp is a collective of expert engineers who aim to bring a wholesome and holistic educational experience to kids and teens across the country. Our courses deliver personalized focus and a continuous experiential learning experience.

  • Personal Focus with a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Expert Instructors who are engineers themselves.
  • The best quality learning material and ‘take-home’ articles.
  • A school board approved STEM based education program

What do we offer ?

Genius Camps offers a range of STEM courses across areas like Robotics & AI, Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, Practical Science, 3D Printing & Modeling, Coding & Programming and Game-design. Our camps are available across the year virtually and at your school through:

  • Summer/March Break
  • After-School Programs
  • PA days
  • During Instruction Time
  • Weekends